Johnny Cupcakes [Recap #1] - Out and About on 12/03/11

Johnny Cupcakes [Recap #1]

Out and About on 12/03/11

We had a pretty mental weekend as far as they go. As we alluded to last Friday, the FatKidOnFire crew were spending Saturday 12th March 2011 being mad busy and doing many a fun thing. All in all, we covered a monumentous day for streetwear in the UK on Fouberts Place, Carnaby (yes, we’re of course referring to Johnny Cupcakes opening his first shop outside the US here in London), as well as meeting the extremely talented Michael De Feo in Bloomsbury and then finally made our way East to join the Audio dOughnuts crew for their latest shindig getting mashup at the Rhythm Factory. It was complete and utter madness.

It was also quite a long day, so we took a few photos (and one or two videos). Luckily, to ease your boredom whilst you scroll through said photos, we’ve got an exclusive mix from our French friend Dioubee. Jumping up on the FKOF wheels of steel, he’s dropped a 25m mix of all things fresh. Hit play on the mix and find Dioubee on Soundcloud or Facebook if you approve of what he’s come up with.

Dioubee x FatKidOnFire minimix by FatKidOnFire


Track list:

  1. Fat Freddys Drop – Cays Crays (Digital Mystikz remix)
  2. Lost – Ironide
  3. Bukez Finezt – Slobber
  4. Goli & Ashburner – Warfare
  5. Lost & IE – Dirty Bandit
  6. Badklaat – Poultry Geist
  7. Dj Snipaz – Getup Riddim VIP
  8. Eprom – Humanoid
  9. Grave Robber – The Roots
  10. Requake – Waterdrops
  11. Kromestar – Take Time

Johnny Cupcakes London, 10 Fouberts Place.

We got to the JC store for about 11am on Saturday. Even then, we were amazed (but not surprised) to witness a stupendous queue already formed that snaked down the block and out to Regents Street. Peep the video of the queue below for an idea of the queue – it’s the biggest queue for a store opening we’ve ever seen. Ever.  As to expected for JC, there were people of all ages, gender and nationality waiting for their slice of the cupcake. People had even flown in from mental places like the USA and Holland especially for this launch. It’s a testament to the power of Johnny Cupcakes that people have this love and are willing to camp to be a part of this magic. It’s just a bloody great shame no one in the UK gets the same level of support. We’ve the same success stories waiting to explode if they had similar support…

Anyway, downers aside, things starting getting truly mental the closer we got to the 1pm opening time. That came, and went, as JC got things to fever pitch before finally giving the crowd what they’d waited for hours (and hours and hours) to see; Johnny Cupcakes London.  Good to have you here man!

The queue stretched down Fouberts Place and around the block. It was ridiculously long.

JC’s good friend Suffoca Boyce was taking photos and videos for the JC blog all day and was rocking the awesome JC London tee (which we didn’t manage to get our hands on).

The windows of the JC Bakery Shop were covered up, denying us all that cheeky look inside prior to the store opening until…

At 1.30pm, hands started removing the brown paper and boarding (to clapping and cheering) that covered the windows and door and out popped…

The man himself. Mr. Johnny Cupcakes – who declared the JC London store and promised (to more cheers) to keep the shop open as long as it took to get everyone in the queue in. That ended up taking a full 12 hours. And the JC crew kept their promise. Amazing dedication to their fans!

Unfortunately, thanks in part to the huge amount of people on Fouberts Place we never actually made it into the JC Bakery Shop. We’re planning on heading down one evening this week so will report back once we do. For now, peep the write up from Johnny himself on the JC blog (stay locked for Boyce’s photos and videos to appear later on in the week) or take a look at the shots taken by The Daily Street boys (good to finally meet you Matt)!

Stay locked for Recap #2 here on FKOF – we’ve still got the Michael De Feo meet and greet along with the Audio dOughnuts event to cover!

Peace, love and respect.