Out and About (Reconstrvct XI) - [Recap]

Out and About (Reconstrvct XI)


After his brilliant recap of Reconstrvct‘s first birthday in Brooklyn, NYC last year, Pete recently hit me up with another stellar write up from February’s Reconstrvct’s XI – along with a few awesome photos shot by the extremely talented Electrogenic crew…

Reconstrvct XI Flyer

In the days and weeks leading up to each Reconstrvct I find myself telling the people around me to try their hardest to make the trip to Brooklyn. Saturday, February 23rd I wanted as many people as possible to experience the atmosphere and lineups many can only dream of. The standard that has been set by the bi-monthly event is second to none, not only in the US – but I’d like to say the world. When you have someone like Joe Nice representing, universally respected for reasons that need not be explained if you’re reading this, you expect nothing but the best and then some.

The lineup included Q-Mastah, Reconstrvct residents Truenature and Joe Nice, (one of the best producers in the game in the badman) Biome, and king of the darkness himself – Youngsta. Luke McCann, co-founder of the event, knew that with a lineup like this he needed a bigger space than the previous venues. And true to form of doing things in the best way possible; he choose a dark, concrete, high ceiling Brooklyn warehouse. When I first saw the photos of it I immediately thought it looked like Yunx’s sound represented visually. It really couldn’t have been better.

Reconsctrvct XI - Photo by Electrogenic

When I got in, Truenature was on the decks spinning his usual varied set of super fresh tunes from labels like Black Box, Tribe12, and Innamind, along with some classic genre anthems. Biome represented for the Macabre Unit family as only they can with a super clean and relentless set. I found myself lost in the sound with my face in the speaker like never before, zoning to tracks like Thelem’s remix of Gantz’ ‘U Won’t Mind” and his own ice-cold releases.

Biome at Reconstrvct XI (Photo by Electrogenics)


Youngsta was up next, opting for three decks to fully unleash his arsenal. You knew staples like ‘Midnight Request Line,’ which Yunx did an incredible mix of, and Kryptic Minds’ now-released, for better or worse depending on who you are, Badman VIP were going to get dropped. Some of the biggest tunes on the system included Seven’s latest release on Uprise AudioWalter White,’ Kaiju and Flowdan’s ‘Hunter,’ and ‘Lie Detection VIP’ from Proxima.

Two tunes that completely took over the night were AMIT’s ‘Killer Driller’ and ‘Acid Trip’, the first time I was able to experience them properly. Yunx put down a clinic, with many a face staring intently at his movements like a tattoo apprentice watching the work of his boss, to pick up on something, anything. It was truly a lesson in DJing in its highest form.

Youngsta (Photo by Electrogenic)


The next set had bare nostalgia in store for everyone; a special B2B from Truenature and Dave Q, co-founder of the legendary Dub War night that helped shape what dubstep was and is in New York. This set had significance in how fittingly it illustrated the dynamic between the two events. A deep rooted love and appreciation for the sound with the ambassador Joe Nice being involved creates something special. Old school hip-hop found its way into Dave’s set with juke, future bass and other genres as well.

Truenature b2b Dave Q (Photo by Electrogenic)

[Truenature b2b Dave Q]

It was time for The Ambassador to step up next and bring in the morning. Joe was fresh off getting his wallet, jacket and other personal items stolen at a show in L.A in the days before, though thankfully his record bag wasn’t stolen (like a fellow DJ’s was) during the night. He was itching to crack some knees – and he did just that. When the lights were turned on and the groans subsided, it was time to head out. The venue needed to be totally cleared by 8AM and true to the family atmosphere, many people stayed to get the place straightened out quickly.

Joe Nice (Photo by Electrogenic)

[Joe Nice (+ Truenature on the sushi + chopsticks flex)]

There were many first timers at the event because of the caliber of the lineup featuring the most recognizable names possible. The future is extremely bright for Reconstrvct, for New York and Brooklyn’s bass music scene. Reconstrvct XII is April 27th, and speaking of bright futures, two artists will be making their North American debut; Gantz representing Istanbul, Turkey and L.A.S. representing Finland. With an already stacked catalog of tracks and forthcoming releases on previously mentioned acclaimed record labels, the excitement is high for what these two have in store for us. Gantz continually puts down the best sets I’ve heard on RoodFM. L.A.S. has that raw, early dubstep sound that seems to be getting more rare by the day, with stripped down gritty head nodding basslines. The 27th can’t come soon enough.

Thank you to everyone who made this event possible – specifically Luke, Scott, Joe and Tsunami Bass Experience. Thank you everyone else who directly or indirectly helps make Reconstrvct what it is.

Reconstrvct, I look forward to making the party one day. Maybe this year if everything works out!

Thanks to Pete for the words and Electrogenic for the photos. You’ll hopefully be hearing and seeing more from Pete on FKOF in the coming months.

Peace, love and respect.