Out and About this weekend…

Out and About this weekend…

Funny how these things always stay relevant; I wrote this a month ago and nothing’s changed.

It’s been too long since our last ‘Out and About‘ post here at FatKidOnFire – which is in part to do with how busy I’ve been, but also testament to how much we’ve been slacking on getting out and going places. Luckily, for the sake of our social lives and to provide (hopefully entertaining) recaps for you guys, we’re off out this weekend…

However, in attempt to resurrect what little of a social life I’ve got left, I’m endeavouring to take some time off this weekend and do some fun sh!t. Which is handy, because this weekend’s got a lot of promise!

It’s more than a bit sh!t that this Friday sees two of the biggest lineups this year clash in two different cities. Cable, one of FKOF’s favourite venues in London, hosts GetDarker‘s Christmas party and welcomes 16 Bit, Youngsta b2b Distance, Jakes, Darkside b2b Vivek, Kutz b2b Dismantle and Alley Cat (so you know the roof’s going to get torn off) to room one. Our friends BNTL are (sorry for the delay in getting this up, Witts) bringing more of a history/ influence vibe to room two. I’ll be surprised if Cable and its attendees are still standing on Saturday morning – it’s going to be a massive, massive night.

Now if you’re into the deeper side of the 140bpm sound, you might want to hit up Scruffy Hoodlum‘s third birthday party, with J:Kenzo, Benton and LX One. I have a feeling I’ll be heading down to Southend for this one, with the MakeItGood crew and a load of others. If the big gun’s tearout is a bit much for you, you’ll want to reach Scruffy Hoodlum. See you there!

Hangover-depending, I’ll then be dragging my sorry self back to Shoreditch for the “Sicker Than Your Average Sample Sale” Sample Sale on Saturday. Samples from Stussy, Dephect, Alife, AnyForty and a whole host of other awesome brands. What’s not to love?

And then, if I’m still standing, there’s another Sample Sale on Saturday and Sunday in Camden (but, knowing me, I’ll be KO’d by then); “Cellar Door with support from Virgin Media Pioneers present Street Wear Collective“. All the info you need is on the flyer!

Peace, love and respect.