Oxóssi – Buried EP - FKOF Review

Oxóssi – Buried EP

FKOF Review

With their debut vinyl release, Silent Motion Records are announcing themselves with a sound that’s coming all the way from Sao Paulo (via Los Angeles).

Oxossi, a key member of the new wave of American dubstep, has built a loyal following thanks to his old-fashioned, spaced-out dub music. With the Buried EP, the producer brings his focus deeply-rooted fundamental frequencies to the Chicago-based imprint.

Oxossi - Buried EP (SMV001)

Oxossi’s feel for programming rhythms, enriching effects and the necessary depth allow for an intriguing experience. SMV001 is proof of this talent; exposing his novel take on dub-esque bass music. Silent Motion’s debut physical release is one of many that highlights a flourishing dubstep of the future.

The release starts with Rollers; an obscure stepper with frantic hi-hat lines, entrancing delay FX and a delightful lunacy. A stinging chord builds simple yet effective tension, which is supported by controlled bass notes that pump energy into this ruff opener.

Up next, a high-pitched lead takes you to the depths where only the rules of dub apply. The creepy atmospheres found in 6 Under crawl up your spine, while a bass tsunami engulfs sweeps you away — demonstrating real Oxossi pressure.

The skanky characters of Kadian Dub evoke the 2007 sound. Wobbles, which pivot inside a loose space, surround an estranged flute that works remarkably well with the hypnotising construction found across the rest of the tune. This one’s a warped dub for twisted souls…

The release ends with Couch Dub; a tribute to the underlying roots of dub music. Oxossi has created smoky atmospheres, blurred by chilled-out spring reverbs. The tune showcases the musician’s dub music efforts with a hint of his American and Brazilian production skills.

We’ve been rating Oxossi’s material over the last few months, with SMV001ably demonstrating why. As far as announcing your vinyl label’s aspirations, you could do worse than follow Silent Motion’s efforts with the new SMV imprint. We look forward to hearing SMV002

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