Piezo – Sweat / Sugar - FKOF Review

Piezo – Sweat / Sugar

FKOF Review

Although we’re only three and a bit months into 2016, the new year’s already standing on its own feet if we look at the releases we’ve had so far.

At a time where the ever-present ‘dubstep is dead/ boring/ whatever’ discussion seems to have quietened down, March looks like it’s going to be a massive month for high-quality material from a slew of dubstep labels. One such label is J:Kenzo’s Artikal Music – now 19 astounding EPs and a compilation album into its efforts to home some of the best tunes and producers around…

Piezo - ARTKL021

Piezo’s last outing on the label was last summer’s almighty Conquer – two veritably huge tunes that debuted the Italian’s production skills (skills honed on releases with the likes of Subaltern Records, Circle Vision and NoMad) to the Artikal fanbase.

ARTKL021 is another two track EP that demonstrates the now Bristol-based musician’s dubstep efforts, and for those of you who enjoyed ARTKL016, you’ll be pleased to hear you’ll be wanting to grab these tunes pretty sharpish.

Ahead of the full release a week on Friday (15th April), we’re delighted to be bringing you the full-length premiere of lead track Sweat. It’s a stupidly brilliant piece of bassline wizardry; with its addictive sampling, crisp percussion and crushing low-end. The flip, Sugar, is a slightly dubbier affair with its meandering stripped-back adventures – but no less effective in the dance. It’s hard to select a favourite from the two, but when you can grab the release cheaper than a few pints will set you back at the pub that shouldn’t be too much of an issue…

Piezo’s EP drops 15/04/16
Buy ARTKL021 from the label here


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