Pirate Factory EP - Suboctane x FKOF

Pirate Factory EP

Suboctane x FKOF

After the resounding success of Rat’s ‘Around The World In 80 Riddims’ album that we released earlier this week here on FatKidOnFire, we’re back with the second free download (with a difference) in the run up to the end of another year…

Suboctane - Pirate Factory EP

Suboctane - Pirate Factory EP

Roman hails from Krasnoyarsk, Siberia’s third largest city.

We discovered him through the guys at Mindtrick Records, a label from the increasingly influential bass music scene that’s growing in Holland. They signed a 14 track album a few months back, one we supported with a FKOF Promo prior to its release. If you’re interested, you can check the ‘Underground Traffic’ LP here and buy it for €6 on the Mindtrick Bandcamp.

After the MTRDIG009 promo went live, Roman got in touch with the demos of a new EP and asked whether we’d be interested in hosting it as a free download. I spent the next few weeks listening to the following five tracks.

The ‘Pirate Factory’ EP is a haunting testament to how far and wide our sound has travelled. From London to Rotterdam to Russia and back to the UK and now to the web, for everyone to enjoy just in time for Christmas…

DOWNLOAD the album (320; 33MB)

Suboctane – Ruins

“The short interlude of ‘Ruins’ immediately sucks the warmth out of the air as ominous sweeps and resonating mid-ranges aggressively invade the sound-field. A sinister voice warns for what lays ahead, drawing attention to the fact that this is just the beginning.”

Suboctane – Catacombs

“The broken delays on the synth lines keep any form of positivity forever submerged, as the Suboctane sound grows from strength to strength. Cold atmospherics are stretched out through the use of profound reverberation, creating chilly nervous atmospheric. Hood up, eyes down, join the sub and let’s enter the catacombs.”

Suboctane – Aqua Mystics

“Fear-inducing mids blur the stereo image, forming the driving force behind ‘Aqua Mystics’. With an almost broken hi-hat structure, the top structure of the tune accentuates the swinging low end, summoning the monsters from the deep.”

Suboctane – Way To Us

“Intriguing clicks keep the mind flexing, as ghost-like surroundings continue to haunt and provoke fear. ‘Way To Us’ is full of damp, dank atmospheres; strange things lurking in the dark. Not a track to be listening to on your own late at night that’s for sure.”

Suboctane – Pirate Factory

“The last instalment in Suboctane’s FKOF EP starts with heartbeats as irregular as cardiac arrest. Low end strikes the chestplate dead on, accompanied by Burial-like percussive patterns that fade away into the fog as quickly as it arrives.”


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