Pressed Records x FatKidOnFire - [Label Highlight]

Pressed Records x FatKidOnFire

[Label Highlight]

With the exception of the FatKidOnFire EP we did with Formless a month or so ago, it’s been fairly quiet on the download front here at FKOF. Other than you-know-what that is (but I’ve gone on about that enough in the past few weeks).

So when Medison from Pressed Records hit me up a week or so back with an idea he’d had to celebrate their debut 12″ release and (pretty much) reaching 1,000 fans on Facebook we figured it was that time again…

FKOF x Pressed Records

“Medison (founder & owner of Pressed Records) & Ruckspin (Author, Submotion Orchestra) have already gained support from the likes of Skream & Benga, Nihal (BBC 1Xtra), True Tiger (Kiss Fm) and features from Youngsta and Icicle’s (Rinse Fm) radio shows for the original release of Marger’s ‘Space’ (formally known as ‘Pastry Riddum’).”

After selling almost all of the limited 12″s that were pressed, Medison and the rest of the label have teamed up with us here at FKOF to give away two stellar remixes. Two rather different takes on the original – but two productions of outstanding quality…

Korrupt’s review of the Quantum Soul remix:
The pads in the intro are intricately composed, pushing the listener into a rich, warm space. Quantum Soul slowly reveals his signature techniques; filters that adapt samples to the point they reincarnate into new organic sounds. Delay plays an important role in this mix, while the vibrant low-end really signals to instant sound system music. 

“The progression made throughout the journey can be heard by an increasing number of widely varying percussive patterns, enforced by strong sweeps that take the listener stratospheric. The music does the talking, it’s as simple as that. The fundamentals of the dubstep sound are rooted within the core of this Quantum Soul masterpiece; a production that will shake up any system and any dancefloor it’s unleashed upon.”

Korrupt’s review of the Ipman remix:
Ipman’s remix of Marger’s ‘Space’ opens with truly intense hi-hats that are fired like rockets at the listener. Spacious elements and a heavily delayed voice introduces you to Ipman’s grimey vibe. This, combined with a distorted but punchy kick and a precise low-end, will punch holes in any system. 

“The delayed samples take shape within the break, reigning the listener in as they add extra depth to the mix. Breakbeat patterns fill the few empty spaces, one of the signature moves Ipman’s known for. This remix signals that Ipman has outdone himself yet again; his ‘Space’ remix is a truly insane production!” 

Click to DOWNLOAD the FKOF x Pressed Records remix EP

Buy the original Space EP (supported by Skream & Benga, Nihal, True Tiger and more) from Catapult here.

Quantum Soul

Peace, love and respect.