Introducing Raincloud Records - FKOF Review

Introducing Raincloud Records

FKOF Review

If you’ve followed FKOF for any length of time, you’ll know we’ve got a lot of love for producer and DJ Caski – he’s DJd a few of our dances, we’ve released a tune or two of his and we’ve done a fair few FKOF free downloads together over the years. Mike’s family – and we were delighted to recently learn he’s in the process of launching his own record label (alongside fellow Bristolian Near). With releases between the two of them on imprints like Tectonic, Keysound, Ghost, EMF, Trapped Audio & Pretty Weird, the producers have cut their teeth on some of the finest labels in bass music so we’ve high hopes for Raincloud Records.

Featuring music from Mancunian duo Alan Johnson (their first standalone release since 2013’s Goron Sound on Blank Mind), Raincloud is bringing the fire with its debut two-track 12” (which will also be available in digital formats).

With RCL001 dropping this Friday, we sat down and put pen to paper to document our experiences with Raincloud’s inaugural two track EP…

Release lead, Operator, evokes the label bosses’ grime and dubstep history, as well as Alan Johnson’s back catalogue, with its stomping horns and strings, grime-esque samples and wonky percussion. The flip, The Poet, continues the broken percussive theme, bringing dusty vocal samples that recall early dubstep material alongside some epic atmospheres. Of the two, it’s probably the adventures the B-side takes you on that we’re the biggest fan of. Categorising either of these tunes into a genre is problematic; straddling grime, techno, dubstep and a few other genres in between. We’re not sure what this is – but we know we like it. And that’s enough!

RCL001 left us wanting more – from both label and artist. That’s pretty much what you’d want from a debut so props to Caski, Near and the Alan Johnson dudes. We’re pretty excited for what’s next, and what the future holds for everyone involved in this release…

Alan Johnson’s RCL001 drops 12/05/17
Pre-orders through Bandcamp get an instant DL of Alan Johnson’s ‘2 for 1 dub‘ of Caski’s Dancehall. Get involved!

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