Out and About (GetDarker b2b Dubstep Bastards) - [Recap]

Out and About (GetDarker b2b Dubstep Bastards)


It’s fair to say the GetDarker b2b Dubstep Bastards weekend two weeks ago got more then a bit messy. I’ve been pretty much a broken man since I got back to London – as some of you will no doubt have heard!

Unsurprisingly, given the event had sold out, Cable welcomed a fairly massive crowd to the GetDarker launch party for ‘This is Dubstep 2012’. For those of you who couldn’t get a ticket or reach the event, fear not. The GetDarker crew recorded video and audio streams from the main room throughout the night! The video’s embedded below and I’ll update the post if I can find the download links for the sets anywhere…

And, as it happens, MakeItGood and FatKidOnFire did manage to tempt (more than) a few of the crowd into Room 2. Our room was pretty much packed out from when the doors opened at 10pm to when I left just after 4am. It was a madness! Sparxy opened with a superb set, Syte followed up with a huge hour and a bit of stompers and then Benton blew the roof off with his ‘bloodclart jungle techno‘. Killawatt and Thelem went b2b with some serious eyes down business (and their MC kept everyone vibing away) and then after I’d left for the airport, Syte went b2b with Benton and Sparxy to end of the night – with Aems MCing! Utter madness.

And, for those of you who couldn’t make the event, or drag yourselves out of Room 1, our good friends at We Free the Box were on hand to get everything on camera (luckily, everything didn’t make the final cut)! Lara and I were wandering around with a camera so if you want to peep the photos you can find them on Facebook.

After Cable, I jumped in the car with Content and TRPR from the Dubstep Bastards (who flew from Gothenburg to Stansted for the GetDarker event – to then fly back to Gothenburg the next morning!) to Stansted. We slept for about 45 minutes on the plane and then landed in GBG; being kept awake by the ?-17º temperatures. After wandering around the city for an afternoon, we headed down to Röda Sten to get the system going, eat some birthday cake and prepare for more madness.

After Leroy and Yohan opened up, and Content went mental with his set, I pretty much lost my voice(/ head/) it in general; as you can probably tell of the pictures of me dicking about on stage with Joker and Tunnidge. Insanity ensued as Tunnidge did his best to destroy Röda’s rig and people started dancing on the speaker stacks.

I haven’t got around to uploading the videos from the trusty iPhone (although Jens did, check his video below!), but the photos from the night (thanks again, Alex!) are on the FKOF Facebook page – go see. Out to the Excursion crew, the Swedish crowd and the Bastards themselves. It was one of the best birthday parties I’ve ever been to!

I came home with a chest and ear infection and a day later my eardrum blew out. Safe to say the weekend was a messy one! Here’s to the next adventure – if the ear’s healed…

Peace, love and respect.