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Silkie – Silkie EP

FKOF Review

Silkie - Silkie EP (WHEELYDEALY047)

Another month and another absolutely ridiculous release from N-Type and the Wheel&Deal Records crew. October sees the label celebrate its 5th birthday (if you’re free and in/ around London this Friday, come down and party!) with one of the craziest line ups I’ve seen in ages at – which is being streamed live by GetDarker if you can’t make it.

And, as to be expected for such a special birthday, they’ve got a ridiculously impressive EP to match their half decade milestone…

Silkie‘s been relatively quiet on the release front over the last year, with his most recent dropping on Deep Medi around this time last year. While The Lost Tapes have been more than enough to go on since, we’re delighted to see the producer joining forces with W&D for the first time to drop the Silkie EP. It’s digital only, and at three tracks there’s a lot more we can hope for from the relationship, but as far as its track list goes this is an amazing first release. Bird In The Sky, M3000 and the truly astounding Limits.

The FKOF review

“A tidal wave of hi-hat arrangements work together with that ‘Silkie’ synth, opening the doors to the producer’s debut Wheel&Deal EP. A bird-like synth forms the main tone of Bird In The Sky, followed by the rhythm of two perfectly executed snares. Both mid-range and low end jump up right after each other, creating a sonic signature that is immediately reminiscent of warm, summer vibes. Once the main synth leaves, other percussive elements fall into the sound spectrum with an over-the-top key pattern that creates more energy for the dancefloors. A mesmerising collection of glitches follow into the second drop, something that is more than fit for the Wheel&Deal of today.

“M3000 is a more sub-heavy production – one that’s tested the endurance of a number of sound systems across the world. A truly mental synth meets the weight, tweaked to work along the shapes of a monotone sample – reaching up to all-time-high. The stomping factor breaks the listener in two, after the sounds escalate to a new level of delirium. Sophisticated percs blend in while an instantly recognisable drum pattern forms a relationship with the heavyweight hi-hats. To top it off, Silkie strikes once more with all the elements in sync. This tune’s a statement – and one that DJs will be pulling up at any given moment.

“The refreshing outlook EP closer Limits delivers is truly wonderful; it strikes the right chords with the long-lasting vocal. The warmly intense low end wobbles along, making the journey of discovering Silkie’s outer limits even more enjoyable. A tickling synth transforms when unambiguous piano keys appear – inducing goosebumps to travel down the spine. In the most positive sense, the break reveals Silkie’s ability to astonish with a full-on piano solo that holds both emotion and confidence. With this all said, the producer has created an EP that’s become an instant favourite for us here at FKOF. Wheel&Deal continue to expand their deep, nourishing back catalogue with some seriously high quality producers…”

Silkie’s Silkie EP is out 27/10/14. 

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