Sleeper – Lander EP - FKOF Review

Sleeper – Lander EP

FKOF Review

New Chestplate material is never a bad thing. Anything Distance believes in enough to put his name to it is good enough for us – at the best of times. But when our good friend Sleeper and the imprint head honcho collaborate on releases, that’s when we get seriously excited…

Sleeper - Lander EP

Following Leon Switch’s debut from earlier this summer, Sleeper’s forthcoming Lander (digital and vinyl) EP is everything we’ve come to expect from the Coventry producer on a Chestplate outing. And while you’d be forgiven in thinking CHST034 may have taken a few months to appear, pretty much everyone seems to taken a hit after ST closed their doors. It’s great to see the likes of Chestplate, Deep Medi and everyone else slowly finding their feet again – and some of that seems to be down to the team at Unearthed. Big love to you guys.

The Lander EP is everything you’d hope from a Sleeper release – three gargantuan cuts, all built with the finesse and expertise the musician is known for. We were fortunate enough to get a teaser of most of the EP during our Blendits takeover back in July and Olaf’s been playing them on the FKOF Sessions show since Sleeper sent them over. They’re still as fresh as they were on first listen! It’s a hard call to name a favourite but if we were being forced it’d have to be Stronghold; that tune on a system is absolute hellfire…

Sleeper’s Lander [FKOF Review]

“The EP opener announces itself with wild bleeps that swerve through a swiftly evolving sound field. Lander is a tune that contains quick bursts of violent energy, coupled with massive reverb, forming a seriously high-class first track. Sleeper utilises some solid panning techniques to create an overtly powerful production. It’s absolutely mad! The low-end design jumps up and down, making the track one that’ll swallow any decent sound system and come back asking for more. This one is a superb addition to the Sleeper back catalogue. If this is what the EP opener is like, what else has the producer got in store for us?”

Sleeper’s Crucially Dubbing [FKOF Review]

“Initially, a long FX chain makes Crucially Dubbing‘s organised chaos sound overly invasive, before a somewhat simplified (and delayed) hi-hat steps in at the drop. Intelligently placed elements quickly transform this half-stepper into a broken beat, one which continues to intensify. Its periodical insanity might drive the listener over the edge, as its effective drum rolls play with the mind for its almost five minute duration. Crucially Dubbing‘s elements seem to have been extended after the second drop, gaining a powerful final form – definitely not one to miss…”

Sleeper’s Stronghold [FKOF Review]

Stronghold is characterised by some pretty tight percussion, sitting atop a very vibrant low-end. This is a vibrant tune that moves like a predator stalking its prey in the depths of the darkness. It demolishes everything in its path, supported by an almost perfect low end that glides in each synth riff. A perfectly synthesised snare adds some edge, cutting sharper than ever. With an almost demonic top-end and a moody growl instigating an almost hysterical reaction as the track progresses, this is the best way to end another stellar release from both Sleeper and Chestplate.”

Sleeper’s Lander EP drops 03/11/14
Grab the vinyl here and the digital here.


Peace, love and respect.