Soap-Box Clothing x FatKidOnFire - S/S11 Previews

Soap-Box Clothing x FatKidOnFire

S/S11 Previews

We’ve been giving our friends over at Soap-Box Clothing a lot of love recently. We’re not biased, we just really dig what they do. Dan was kind enough to fire us previews of Soap-Box’s S/S11 collection, including their first ever collaboration (which features work with an international illustrator) and yet another amazing dabble on the varsity jacket front (one of the reasons why we love Soap-Box!) which promises not to disappoint. We sat down with Dan to get the lowdown on the new products…

These pieces from our spring collection feature a couple of special items. We’ll start with the ‘SubTitled Project’ which is officially our very first collab working with Japanese illustrator Yuu. Yuu produced 3 exclusive designs for us to get creative with on UK shores.

The designs are ‘SB or Die’, ‘Stop Clownin’ and ‘Got Style’. All three tees will are available in white and black with some designs having a small splash of red, with only the ‘SB or Die’ being available as a sweat.

Everything to do with the project concept ties in at every little detail, even down to the colour usage; which represents the colours of both countries involved etc (JPN x ENG). All tees will come boxed and ready to go!

The collection also sports our custom logo font tees, which are available in both grey and navy blue on 100% heavyweight quality cotton.

And last but not least we have in the line up our ‘Shades of Blue JKT’ not going into the technical specs (just in case for those that need to know, it’s all italian wool & fabrics), but the idea was to fuse random shades of blue to fit into one seamless piece while matching up nicely with the spring settings ahead.

We also added the hand drawn letterman SB logo on the right side chest to give the jacket that little bit extra, whilst keeping the original smiley logo on the left side.

These new Soap-Box items will be available from the Soap-Box webstore on Monday 28th February, but for those of who can’t wait SB will have a few of these items for sale as a pre-launch exclusively at Urban Platform this Sunday (flyer below). The tees are £25.00, the ‘SB or Die’ sweat is £50.00 and the ‘Shades of Blue JKT’ retails at £95.00.

For more information hit the SB website, their Twitter account and find them on Facebook. Oh and if you’re free on Sunday come to Urban Platform to support our British independent clothing companies!

Peace, love and respect.