The only good system is a sound system - Soundboys x FatKidOnFire

The only good system is a sound system

Soundboys x FatKidOnFire

As far as FKOF events have gone in 2014, we’ve achieved more than I’d hope we would when I wrote the 2013 Review. We’ve done shows in Europe, the UK and even tested the waters on the other side of the pond with our first event on American soil. All of the shows we’ve been involved with have been brilliant – some have been quiet, some rammed – but all brilliant.

But as far as sound, venue, team and attendance, two of our events this year stand out in my mind. One I’ll discuss in the 2014 Review and the other, well, that’s this one…


Soundboys x FKOF

We’ve worked with Lithuania’s Soundboys since the summer of 2013. I made my first trip out to Vilnius at the beginning of 2014 and was blown away by what I saw, the people I met and the experience I had.

It might sound a bit clichéd but music truly is an international language – especially the kind music we support here at FKOF. I don’t speak many Eastern European languages, and my hearing’s not great at the best of times, but the Soundboys guys and I get on like a house on fire. When you’ve got a sound system like theirs, you don’t need words. You’ll bond over dubplates and bassweight.

And that’s exactly what we did during my trip out in February. We’ve kept in touch throughout the year, through team changes, regional politics, good shows and bad shows. You can say a lot about the team – but their love and passion for the music stands above all else. Nikita, Soundboys bossman, got in touch towards the end of the summer and asked if we fancied a Soundboys x FKOF dance to end the year – the final show of 2014 for the both of us.

Never the ones to turn down an opportunity to party, we got the ball rolling and invited a few friends to join us. Content, Sleeper and Distance – with a little help from local DJ extraordinaire E-Roott and FKOF madman Korrupt – and the one and only Talabun MC hosting. A recipe for success if there ever was one…

E-Roott warmed things up with his brilliant blend of dub and reggae, putting the Soundboys system to the test. Content stepped up next, full of beef and beer from Forest (check the restaurant out if you’re ever in town), and things started hotting up…

Distance, as you’d expect from a DJ of his stature, took no prisoners with his set. We had a few new bits Greg had built for the show (watch for a few special tunes coming 2015), a few classics and a few dubs. Wall to wall madness.

Sleeper is quickly becoming one of our favourite producers and DJs – and demonstrated exactly why with his set at FKOFSoundboys. Alex’s own sound is evolving the more time he spends experimenting with different BPMs and genres (check his Anhile project for some of his recent techno) and, as a DJ, his selection is as quality as his productions. There were a few surprises – including this one…

Korrupt ended the night with his standard selection of ridiculous dubs and old school anthems – with new material from a few of the FKOFd artists (not to mention music from producers who should be FKOFd artists). By the time 5.30am rolled around we and the dancefloor were pretty done in, but we definitely ended on a high…

Every DJ’s set was superb – as was Talabun hosting. If you’re ever at a loss for an interesting and unique MC, he’s your guy. And one of the nicest dudes I’ve had the pleasure of meeting in a long, long time. The system, as we’ve come to expect from Soundboys and the Loftas venue, was truly astonishing. Clean but powerful. Just how it should be!

We’re not sure what the future holds for Soundboys events. But we do know the future is bright, whatever happens.

Nikita, alongside his day job and work with the Soundboys brand, has spent the majority of 2014 crafting something in the woods outside Vilnius. We’re not quite ready to announce what or where it is, but we can tell you there are very few places like this in the UK – let alone Lithuania. His project, I’m pretty sure of it, will soon become a priority destination for producers, DJs, artists and ‘cultural types’ across Europe. I’ll be heading back out to LT early this year to document the opening but until then, here’s a sneak peek – and we’ll be sharing more information very soon…



As far as ending the year goes, our event with the Soundboys and Loftas teams was the high point in the best year in FKOF’s near 5 year history. It was another brilliant weekend demonstrating just how healthy the dubstep scene is – no matter what the naysayers and non-believers think.

Europe, the UK (in some cases, but definitely not all) and further afield; our sound is alive and well…


Aurimas, Talabun, me, Nikita, Dovi, Sleeper, Kornelijus 

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Peace, love and respect.