Syte - [Special] MakeItGood x FatKidOnFire #83


[Special] MakeItGood x FatKidOnFire #83

It’s been a quiet few weeks here at FatKidOnFire; possibly the quietest in a long while. This Christmas holiday has been my first real break since starting my job in January of last year – so I took it as a holiday. From work, from the blog and from being at the computer completely. Apologies for the lack of new content but the holiday was much needed! And FatKidOnFire and MakeItGood are definitely back, bigger and better for 2012…

For those of you who follow the blog (I’d like to think there are at least some of you!), you’ll know how much I love Cable – so much so that I consider it to be one of the finest venues in London. And anyone who follows dubstep will know of Get Darker and their legendary live broadcasts – in studio and at their free events.

So imagine my excitement when MakeItGood and FatKidOnFire were offered the chance to host Cable’s room 2 at Get Darker’s ‘This Is Dubstep 2012’ album launch party this February? Darkside and the rest of the GD crew have given Lara and I the opportunity to feature some of our favourite artists alongside one of Get Darker’s best-ever line ups: Plastician, Coki, Kryptic Minds, Cyrus, J:Kenzo, Phaeleh and Compa.

We know it’ll be difficult tempting everyone away from the main room and some of the best DJ/ Producers in the genre, but room 2 has a big bar (every little helps!) and we’ll be bringing Sparxy, Syte (see below), Thelem b2b Killawatt and Benton to push the system to its limits.

Earlybird tickets are just £7. Cop yours here – but don’t sleep, the past 7 events have completely sold out. These won’t last!

To celebrate running what might be the best event we’ll ever be involved with, we’ve got a free download from our boy Syte as the next MIG x FKOF mix. His 90 minute 31 track selection features some of the finest dubplates around at the moment, you do not want to miss this one.

  1. Compa – Coashed [dub]
  2. Occult – Assassins [ICU:Audio dub]
  3. Sleeper & District- Dungeon Style [dub]
  4. Lurka & Instinct – Titan [dub]
  5. TMSV – The Night [dub]
  6. Killawatt – Proliferation [dub]
  7. Artikal – Alone In The Darkness [Artikal Music dub]
  8. CORE – Out The Cage [dub]
  9. Pheral – Hatchway [InnaMind dub]
  10. Perverse – Genocide [MindStep Music dub]
  11. Headhunter – Clone [Black Box]
  12. Sleeper – Zombies [Chestplate dub]
  13. Content – Sulfur [dub]
  14. Kaiju – Snake Spirit [dub]
  15. Author – Revolutions [Tectonic]
  16. Sleeper & District – LV-426 [Chestplate]
  17. Biome – Moody [M.U.D dub]
  18. Perverse – Mizrahi [dub]
  19. Catacombs & Knowledge – Old Town [dub]
  20. SP:MC & LX One – Hunted [Tempa]
  21. Sleeper – Narrow [Chestplate dub]
  22. Pistonsbeneath – Unspeakable [MindStep Music dub]
  23. Benton – Sleepless [Wheel & Deal]
  24. Killawatt & Thelem – Joom [dub]
  25. Ipman – Mirage [dub]
  26. Lurka – Skeptic [dub]
  27. Subreachers – The Challenge [dub]
  28. Biome – Minus [M.U.D dub]
  29. J:Kenzo feat. Rod Azlan – Ruff House [Tempa]
  30. Subreachers – Developer [dub]
  31. V.I.V.E.K – Soundman [Deep Medi]

If you have any thoughts on Syte‘s mix, or want to recommend a new artist you’ve discovered or just want a chat about something you’ve seen on FatKidOnFire, leave a comment below or get in touch via emailTwitterFacebook or the FKOF TakesQuestions page.