Bad Weather - Starwalker x FatKidOnFire

Bad Weather

Starwalker x FatKidOnFire

It’s not often you get the chance to work with one of your childhood musical heroes, so as a fan of ambient electronic music when we were approached to host a FKOF free download from one of the founding members of Air I got pretty excited!

Air’s Jean-Benoit Dunckel and Iceland’s Bardi Johannsson are collaborating on a new project together called Starwalker, with a new EP releasing next month. You can stream and download their single from last year, the brilliant Bad Weather (which also features on the new EP) below…

Starwalker - Bad Weather

“Electro-pop ‘supergroup’ Starwalker are a compelling collaboration between French electronic icon Jean-Benoit Dunckel (previously of world-renowned ambient outfit Air) and Icelandic composer Bardi Johannsson (Bang Gang). Following on from their separate successes – including Air’s critically acclaimed 1998 debut Moon Safari – together the pair make celestial music that is all at once shadowy, poetic and vibrant. The duo are releasing their highly anticipated debut EP Losers Can Win on March 31st through Prototyp Recordings

The spatial moniker Starwalker represents the coming-together of two distinctive styles, voices and personalities: a project inspired both by the unpredictable nature of Iceland and the clean, classic design of France that pulls you in with its intensity. In an age of instant gratification, Starwalker are keeping their audio-visual adventure refreshingly mysterious, unveiling their inspiring creations slowly and tantalisingly. The pair revealed the darkly evocative video to their debut single ‘Bad Weather’ in September last year to great acclaim, with the likes of Spin and Stereogum giving it stellar reviews.


The FKOF review
“Trippy basslines are calmly introduced, giving off a peaceful yet emotive vibe, which re-occurs in a parallel flowing manner. A set of intriguing instruments lead the listener on a journey, as the melancholy vocal cuts through the mix – accentuating the soul of this musical piece.

“A piano accentuates the ambiance created, while constantly being chased by psychedelic strings in the background. The minimal choice of percussion gives Bad Weather a chance to grow, as the vocals build to a crescendo before the track slowly fades out…”


Peace, love and respect.