Straight to the Chemistry - Seven x FatKidOnFire

Straight to the Chemistry

Seven x FatKidOnFire

For those of you who’ve followed FatKidOnFire since the early days, you’ll be well aware of London’s Seven.

Seven - shot by BD Photography

The producer has been a regular on these here pages since we started – having played a formative part of my first few experiences of the dubstep sound some four or five years ago.

Over the years, the producer, DJ, label founder and tastemaker has had notable impact on dubstep – first with his transition from DnB to 140 and with it releases on some of the most important labels around.
We’ve also watched the impressive rise of his Uprise Audio imprint, a label that has become a banner for some of the most interesting and exciting artists (and music) in bass music.

I put some of this into writing late last year with a bio I wrote for the producer:

“With a discography stretching back almost a decade, and a dubs folder rumoured to be in the high three figures, it’s hard to fathom just how big Edward Berry’s lasting mark on the UK dance music scene is and will be in the future.

“Edward started his musical career as a drum & bass producer under the alias Eddy Woo, gaining recognition with a number of singles on DnB godfather’s Andy C labels Frequency and High Lite Recordings. It was in 2008, however, that Edward found his true calling as a producer. 

“Eddy Woo rebranded as Seven and joined London’s young but vibrant dubstep community, after making the move to 140bpm. He soon caught the eyes and ears of the 140 faithful, releasing his debut Sirens on the legendary Tempa Allstars 5 compilation. I first met him in late 2009 – and have since watched the producer and DJ grow in stature within both the London and global dubstep communities.

“Seven’s release catalogue has grown significantly since his Tempa debut, having had tunes signed to N-Type’s imprint Wheel & Deal as well as Subway, Aquatic Lab and more. 2012 saw Seven’s first LP on the highly regarded Black Box Records; a 13 track/ 70m behemoth that garnered significant support within the 140 community and many quality reviews. 

“But I feel it’s 2013 where Seven will truly make his mark on dubstep. Having recently founded his own label, Uprise Audio, this year sees Seven mark his inaugural release on the imprint with the impeccable UA003. Walter White, is in my opinion, one of the best tracks we’ve had from this London producer. Seven has always been known for both his quality productions and forward-thinking music, but UA003 is arguably the best addition to his back catalogue yet. 

“With UA003, not to mention his other releases forthcoming on the label, Seven is set to cement his position as one of this year’s exciting prospects. A talent to watch.”

Today, we celebrate Ed reaching another milestone with 5,000 fans on Facebook. As is (sometimes) customary when championing such an achievement, we’ve partnered with Seven to give away one of his newer productions as thanks for the support he’s seen in the past and no doubt in the future…

Click to DOWNLOAD (320)

The FKOF review
“An eastern sample rages through the sound field, supported by the presence of an extra-terrestrial synth that adds a mysterious tint to the Seven formula. Aggressive growls bring with them an atmosphere that is set to explode as the drop hits, fully packed with chest rattling low-end that defies the laws of chemistry.

“While the percussion is set to minimalism, the combination of the kick and snare move to overpower. The soundscapes swirl and then dissolve during the short break before the second drop hits harder than the first with an instantaneous reaction of pure violence. Uprise Audio’s head honcho always delivers the heat, and with Straight To The Chemistry he brings the fire. Here’s to another well-deserved 5,000 Facebook fans!”


Peace, love and respect.