Streetwear Radar #2

Streetwear Radar #2

As I explained in today’s earlier MakeItGood x FatKidOnFire feature with Facta, it’s been a bit quiet here on FKOF for the past couple of weeks.

But, promisingly, I’ve freed up a bit of time and the posts have started rolling again. And luckily for me (as it means there’s less content for me to write/ finalise), FKOF contributor Chris is back with his latest ‘Streetwear Radar’ (you can read his first instalment here)…

Things move fast in the streetwear game, so I’ve made it my aim to keep you in the loop with all the latest streetwear news. My ‘Streetwear Radar’ articles are where I hand-pick a selection of my favourite recent releases, and between the last article and this one, a lot more has happened! Read on…


First up is Enclave Apparel. They’re a brand I really respect, for several reasons – first off, they have a unique, and very strong design ‘ethos’. Heavily influenced by geometry, symbolism and minimalist design, I always look forward to news from these guys. Enclave’s collections always have a strong concept behind them, and S/S 12 is no different. Entitled ‘Same as Always’, the idea behind this collection is that originality is impossible (especially in the streetwear game!), but if you can’t be original then be unexpected – put a unique twist on things, do them in a different way, re-arrange the building blocks that already exist. 

The range is incredible broad; featuring a variety of graphic tees, shirts, shorts and another strong bag – this time of the duffle variety. The two long sleeved button up shirts feature contrast over the shoulder patches and look high quality as always. The graphic tees follow a similar aesthetic to previous tees (same as always…!?), this time featuring back prints. I love their graphic style and these tees don’t disappoint. Another highlight is the shorts – available in ‘sand’ and ‘olive’ with camo turn ups and navy with paisley turn ups, they’re subtle yet very strong visually.

Another thing I feel you should check out is their ‘E is for…’ zine. Available in printed copies, but if you miss out you can view them digitally here. I love zines and independent publishing, so will support anyone giving it a go themselves!


Next up, we’re back with a brand who seem to always be up to something awesome – AnyForty. Not sitting on their heels after an amazing recent drop in collaboration with T-World, they’re back with a new tee.

Featuring an incredible lion illustration print decked out in the colours of the Union Jack drawn by Tom Mac, this is one of my favourite AF pieces. After a very international flavour with the T-World drop, this one brings us back to AF’s roots and reminds the world they’re proud to be a UK brand. It also ties in nicely post-Jubilee and pre-Olympics [although it’s dropping the day the Olympics start, Fri 27th July – FKOF], and is surely the only thing to be wearing if you want to show your patriotism. I’m sure I’ve said this before, but AF must be one of the hardest working brands in the scene – every single piece they drop is a masterpiece. Keep it up Al…!

[AF are currently running a 25% off sale on the Australian Invasion series, well worth checking out – FKOF]


Now, we go from the UK to America, and once again to The Hundreds. I know they get a lot of coverage anyway (particularly from me!) but if you ask most brands who their inspiration is, I’ve no doubt The Hundreds will be on the list somewhere, so it’s always worth keeping an eye on them. They’ve come in for a bit of stick recently, accused of some ‘lazy’ designs… However, this collection seems to see them back to their best, and is a winner with a lot of their critics. For this, they team up with The Seventh Letter, a graffiti collective also from LA. The Hundreds worked with TSL artists to create a whole range of tees, caps, etc. 

As the video shows, this collaboration also lead to a pop-up shop – now, I love physical shops and think they’re a great opportunity for brands, especially in this digital age, so this collab was always going to be a winner for me! The shop looked great. My other highlight of the collection was a great tee from RIME called ‘ADAM 2′.


indcsn are a relatively young brand, but have definitely been going from strength to strength. Their Spring 2012 collection was a strong release with a range of caps, tees and accessories, and was worth every minute of the hard work that surely went into it. Now, they’re releasing a great product for the British ‘summer’…

This Canadian made crew neck featuring their ‘Prowl’ design printed on the front. The quality on this is, by all accounts, very high. I’m excited to see future release from these guys as they no doubt continue to grow and release great stuff.


Next up are yet another brand previously featured on FKOF – Skull and Bones Boys Club – and it’s great to see them growing and developing. SABBC are a brand I really admire, due to the fact they design, print, sew and do everything themselves. I love that ‘home brew’ ethos, and respect the dedication and work required to do everything yourself. To promote their latest release they’ve produced a very slick lookbook video.

Featured in this range are a variety of really interesting graphic prints on a selection of tees and hoodies, as well as some very funky tie-dye tees in some really great colours. I recommend you go and check out the interview with these guys here on FKOF, watch the video then visit their store!

Which brings me onto a little message; if you have a desire to start a new brand, go for it.

Follow your dreams.

A lot of people moan about all these new brands, and there is no doubt a lot of lazy rubbish that won’t last five minutes. However, I’ve no doubt there will also be a fair amount of real talent out there – don’t be put off by negativity. New brands mean existing brands are pushed to up their game to stand out, and it also means there’s a chance we’ll see something inspiring and fresh. If you want to do it, and you’re willing to put the work into doing it properly, you’ll make it. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. If you’re good at what you do and have got what it takes, here at FKOF HQ we’ll be looking out for you…

Just a final honourable mention for another one of the brands I spotted recently – we’re working on a full FKOF feature over the coming weeks but have to give a shout out to B-Side with their new Big Up Britain t-shirts. Celebrating the Olympics and all things British, “B-side have switched things up so you can be proud to be British without having to be all ‘red white and blue'”. Go peep the ‘Big Up London‘ and ‘British’ tees on the B-Side webstore. I’ve been following the guys for a while now, very stoked to be finally working on the feature!

[‘Big Up London’, as modeled by Mikill Pane]

If you’ve got any thoughts you’d like to share about Chris’ ‘Streetwear Radar’ post on FatKidOnFire; shout in the comments below – or find Chris on Twitter. If you enjoyed his recent streetwear recap, be sure to watch out for his next one in a month or so!

Peace, love and respect.