Streetwear Radar #3

Streetwear Radar #3

Chris is on a roll at the moment – coming close to posting more content to FatKidOnFire than I am! Here he is with the latest Streetwear Radar, a roundup of all the recent drops that have caught our attention…

At the moment, we’re in a bit of a crossover period between seasons, and everyone is working hard on AW12 drops. So I thought I’d wait until all the releases are in, then do a big round-up of AW12 stuff.

But, in the meantime, I decided to do a round up of people and brands that we’ve had our beady eyes on! Some you’ll have seen grace FatKidOnFire before, some you won’t. If you fancy reading a full interview with any of the brands we haven’t featured before, drop us a line and we’ll try and arrange a full feature!


The first brand in this article has been featured before on FKOF before; however, when they got in touch recently regarding their latest release, I just couldn’t resist getting it worked into an article before AW! So, without further ado, this is Ireland’s Outcry Apparel.

In the words of brand-owner Lara; “I spend a lot of time hand illustrating each design and I use very little digital enhancing. I want to make art that is organic, not something that has been generated by a machine”. That, for me, is something that will always separate an illustration-led brand over any others – every illustrator has their own style, and the feel that hand-drawn designs have make them feel very unique and personal. I was glad to see that Lara still follows that ethos when she got in touch with the brands latest release, titled ‘Mythos’.

Clearly inspired by traditional Chinese imagery, the tees once again feature high quality, yet clearly hand-drawn, artwork. It’s great to see the brand continuing with strong, detailed illustrations and hopefully Outcry will continue to grow and go from strength to strength. Outcry have also released a video to support the launch, found here. Browse their range of tees here.


This next brand comes from Portugal, run by young graphic designer André Silva.

André is responsible for the illustrations, concepts and website, and Blackthunder Clothing are very much the definition of a ‘one man brand’. I think the quality of the illustrations is incredible high, and they offer a good selection of products – vests, tees, caps, patches, even prints. 4 years’ experience of being a brand is clearly paying off, and the product range is starting to come together.


Bake, a Bristol based brand, never fail to release a slick and well designed product. To date, their graphic tees have been bold, simple and clever. With each new release the designs have got stronger and stronger, and this latest release has gone one better than previous releases.

With the title ‘Equilateral’, the basis of this release is a funky, geometric pattern combined with the Bake shield. Available in two colour ways in t-shirt form, Bake also bring a new product to their line-up – an iPhone case. The cases are full cases, and not just the stick-on backs often seen, and they look incredibly high quality. All available now on the Bake website.


Up to the north of England now, with Sheffield-based HANTU. HANTU are a collective of designers/ artists/ musicians and creatives. They’re a brand who design, print and distribute everything themselves. I really admire that approach in brands, and whilst it certainly isn’t necessarily for everyone, I’m always keen to support a brand who do work that way.

They went with a range of six tees in their summer release, and word has it there will be around four more this autumn. Check out their teaser video above for a look at their current range, and check them out in more detail on their website.


Next up, we head back down to the capital for London-based I’m A Monster. I can see this brand getting a marmite reaction; you either love them or hate them. Personally, I fall into the former section, and always appreciate something quirky.

Whilst there isn’t really a shortage of ‘quirky’ brands, IAM caught my attention. The first set of tees is titled ‘Series 1 Monsters’, and consists of 6 different designs of monsters — Triton, T-Rex, Werewolf, Mad Scientist, Witch and Spring Heeled Jack — printed on white t-shirts.

The interesting part is that you can either buy the tees individually, or you can opt into a subscription model where you receive a different tee weekly, fortnightly or monthly. This, combined with the brand’s inspiration of collecting things and 80’s and 90’s cartoons plays into my childhood of going to collect my copy of the Beano and Dandy every week or so and collecting brightly coloured, crazy action figures. If you fancy starting a new collection, hit up their store here.

And that’s it, another Streetwear Radar done until the big AW drops have finished rolling in! As mentioned earlier, if any of these brands caught your eye and you fancy learning more about them, get in touch and we’ll see about getting a full feature done for you guys. It’s sometimes hard to feature every brand we like and every brand who get in touch, so I’m hoping that ‘the Streetwear Radar’ articles can be a platform to help promote some of the brands we can’t or don’t end up featuring.

If you’ve got any thoughts you’d like to share about Chris’ ‘Streetwear Radar’ post on FatKidOnFire; shout in the comments below – or find Chris on Twitter. If you enjoyed his recent streetwear recap, be sure to watch out for his next one in a month or so!

Peace, love and respect.