Streetwear Radar #4

Streetwear Radar #4

As I’ve alluded to in previous posts, Chris is fast becoming an integral part of the FKOF machine. After his recent roll of awesome features with a selection of great brands, he’s back with his first roundup of A/W12 drops in the latest Streetwear Radar

With the temperature barely clinging onto double figures, Autumn/Winter is now well and truly upon us. With this change of weather has come a whole range of new products for A/W12; so it’s finally time for another Streetwear Radar round-up of what’s going on!

With so much being released across the streetwear scene, I’ve decided to split this one into separate articles; consider this ‘A/W Part 1 – Big Brand Edition’, with another Streetwear Radar to follow, featuring the usual selection of quality items from the more ‘independent’ brands (let’s not start that debate though….)!

Undefeated, Hall of Fame and HUF

First up, our friends at The Chimp Store in Leeds got in touch to tell us about some of the latest products they’ve got dropping in-store from some top brands. First is the ever-popular five strike fleece designs from Undefeated, featuring some very warm looking crew necks in a variety of colours. Also dropping is a bold graphic tee, along with the usual huge selection of caps and beanies.

The guys at The Chimp Store also have a new arrival to their store in the form of the brand Hall of Fame. The LA-based brand have been growing since 2007, helped along the way with a series of collaborations with big names such as 10 Deep, Diamond Supply Co and celebrity endorsements from the likes of 50 cent and Ghostface Killah (to name but a few). Their boldest products include a series of all-leather 5 panel caps, available in black, brown and red, as well as a snapback with a navajo inspired embroidered graphic.

Finally, they’ve snagged these spooky socks from HUF. The Plantlife Halloween socks are flying out of the store and proving to be a popular choice.


[Photography by BNTL]

Next up, a brand that are quickly becoming a staple of UK streetwear – Y’OH. This time, Kara Messina’s ‘Y’OH SPORT’ release features a small collection of tees, including a variety of gold embroidered design along with more traditional printed designs. Y’OH’s philosophy is all about truly wearable products, whether it be to the gym or on a night out, and this release embodies that well.


Now, UK brand Addict. Addict are a brand that have come in for a lot of criticism for being a bit ‘weak’ in recent years, and even for ‘selling out’, but they’re still churning out slick graphics and products of high quality, production wise at least. For A/W they’ve teamed up with Keystone Design Union, a Brooklyn-based design and communications agency that consists of a worldwide network of top creative talent. The designs are very striking, and whilst they’re in a style that’s not necessarily new, they’re still strong, and carry a great Brooklyn vibe.

The Hundreds and Public Label

Let’s face it, no round-up of streetwear highlights would be complete without mentioning The Hundreds, who are arguably one of the biggest streetwear brands out there. Being a brand who are at the top, they often come in for criticism, but I always find it to be unjustified; they always come out strong with a selection of quality products, and their graphics are always bold, well thought-out and well executed – usually with a good mix of classic and new styles.

Their ‘Fall’ release happened in late August, with their ‘Winter’ range dropping from the 25th of October. ‘Fall’ saw the usual selection of graphic tees and headwear, showcasing a selection of classic and new design styles. ‘Winter’ apparently has an apocalyptic, ‘end of world’ vibe, and has a much more subdued colour palette to Fall’s graphic tees; it features a selection of sturdy, almost utilitarian outerwear. I also really respect that Bobby Hundreds has shot the lookbook himself.

Carrying on from The Hundreds, we come to their ‘Public Label’ line. Designed to be a more mature extension of The Hundreds brand, PL ‘follows the philosophy of sophisticated cuts, refined quality, palatable colours and timely design’. I’m really intrigued to see where they take the brand, and this intense promo video seems to set the standard. Items will be available from The Hundreds’ flagship stores from October 18th, and online from the 22nd.

VNA x Alex LeHours x Dephect

Whilst it’s not strictly an A/W drop, it’s only just been released and it’s something I want to give some exposure to, so I’ll tag it onto the end here! Australias Very Nearly Almost magazine teams up with Australian artist/designer Alex LeHours and British streetwear big-timers Dephect on this very clean and striking graphic tee.

And that just about wraps up the first instalment of the A/W12 Streetwear Radar. Stay tuned for instalment two, which will be focusing on drops from some of the finest independent brands in the UK. If you’re a brand who want some exposure for your Autumn/Winter release, please drop me an email at [email protected] with some info and images; we’re always looking to big up the small brands and help them grow, so drop us a line!

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Peace, love and respect.