Sub Pressure x FatKidOnFire - [Label Highlight]

Sub Pressure x FatKidOnFire

[Label Highlight]

If there’s one American label that continues to shake up our scene with the freshest, highest-quality producers from all around the world; it’s safe to say that it might just be Kial Knickerbrocker’s Sub Pressure.

Sub Pressure announced itself with the early sounds of Biome, and the notorious ‘Fear EP’ (SPREP001), in November 2009. Since then, we’ve seen releases from the likes of Actraiser, Tapir, Kelly Dean, FKOF fam TZR and man like Fornax (back when he was fully focused on dubstep).

FKOF x Sub Pressure present Blackleg

Roughly two months ago, Kial informed us that he was about to push things into a new direction, with the label’s second killer release from the Polish producer Blackleg.

The producer, hailing from Czestochowa, had his debut release in the form of the ‘Structure’ EP has built up a serious backlog of tracks – as well as a somewhat notorious reputation for stirring things up with his direct, pure sound that emanates the raw side of the Eastern bloc.

His latest project is called the ‘Reality’ EP and consists of three original tracks and remixes from Kial and Promise One. The release dropped at the end of September – which you can pick up from Juno here – just listen to get a sense of what we’re dealing with. It’s been on constant repeat since Kial sent it to us, the whole release is just ridiculous…

You’ve been warned!

The depth of the pads in ‘Reality’ will familiarise listeners with Blackleg’s detained framework of music immediately; directly unplugging them from the system via a strong message from The Matrix’s Morpheus. The fresh and tortuous percussion makes way for breathing atmosphere that has the power hypnotise any listener that is ready for a game change.
‘Space Jockeys’ is full of unexplored sounds that highlight Blackleg’s ability to surprise, while power in the low end force the listener to gasp for air. Panning is a strong factor of success here, bringing space that much closer to touch thanks to the surrounding organics.
‘Blackline’ reveals a twisted half-stepper that rips the heart right out of the chest with out-of-tune accentuations backed by a stabbing approach. Blackleg’s trademark sound is imprinted deeply, as the sub layer follows the sharp mid-ranges.
Kial takes ‘Reality’ to another level, where minimalistic behaviour settles the impact of constantly morphing growls. The weight forces the listener down the wormhole, bringing with it the loss of light and gravity. Promise One’s remix of ‘Space Jockeys’ heads into a completely different realm: taking the tune back to the garage/ 2step sound everyone seems to appreciate. As the ambiance changes the mood, interesting and delayed panning techniques slowly turn you into one of them before you even realise.

To celebrate the release (and the progression of what we think is such a crucial label to our sound), we wanted to highlight Blackleg and Sub Pressure’s work with two extra tracks to keep the ears warm. Thanks to Kial, Blackleg and Kiro Rox for these…

FKOF x Sub Pressure present Blackleg

Blackleg – Uncharged
Click to DOWNLOAD (320)

The FKOF review:
“Unidentified audial elements form the introduction of a powerful half stepper (one so powerful it raises eyebrows before the drop has hit the ears), supported by an amazing vocal. A repetitive but invasive bassline makes the initial wait worthwhile, boosting the energy of the samples that re-occur throughout the mix with periodical bursts. The low end follows suit with the mid-ranges, while the foundation of the production stays as minimal as it can get. The guitar strings blend in well, causing an estranged feeling that actually really fits this creation. This, combined with his latest EPs on Sub Pressure, is a huge free download cementing Blackleg as a producer with an extremely promising future!”

Blackleg – She’s Gone (Kiro Rox remix)
Click to DOWNLOAD (320)

The FKOF review:
“The wide stereo image is well placed, backed by spacious elements that emanate comforting warmth around the mix. The soothing vocals spread from the beginning to end; creating a calming tranquility. The complex and percussive hits morph freely and lead the way to something more in-depth: a 2step track that almost leaves an feeling of sorrow behind. The reverb’
d ends of the chords cause a high rise, forming a climax that rules without limitations. A stunning production!”

What’s next for the label from the West Coast? You’ll find out on the 11th of November


Peace, love and respect,