You Have To Feel It - The embodiment of 3D sound

You Have To Feel It

The embodiment of 3D sound

Celebrating the launch of their new artist-focused platform, aptly titled Feel, we’ve teamed up with FKOF fam SUBPAC to bring you this absolute banger from Dreadsquad.

Challenging producers to create material using the S2 and M2 products, SUBPAC are releasing a range of tunes from artists like VIVEK, Kode9, Truth and more – giving you the chance to experience these bottom-heavy tunes from the comfort of your own home. It’s an interesting experience, sat with the S2 rumbling away behind you feeling like you’re in the dance in front of the subs! As I said when reviewing the inaugural unit a few years back, “the PAC’s more like a quiet, high-end subwoofer that generates a dynamic, rich and accurate tactile representation of whatever sound you input.”

Keep your eyes here on FKOF over the next few days too; we’ll be launching an exclusive competition giving you the opportunity to win one of the incredible SUBPAC S2s…

“In support of the SUBPAC’s groundbreaking products, the FEEL SUBPAC [BETA] platform launched today featuring ‘SUBPAC Optimized’ music tracks by the likes of renowned artists Kode9, Dada Life and Truth (amongst many others) for users to experience SUBPAC’s signature ‘full body entertainment experience’. The tracks showcased at FEEL SUBPAC herald a shift from an era of just hearing sound, to one where music and sound are heard and felt simultaneously…”

S/O the SUBPAC team each and every
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