Subway Music x FatKidOnFire - [Label Highlight]

Subway Music x FatKidOnFire

[Label Highlight]

Cast your mind back to Brussels, Belgium roughly 4 years ago.

A pact is sworn for the sake of flawlessly combining music, methodology and art. A duo, who are brought together by fate, set forth on an unraveling journey. One can imagine the two in a time of strife, while conquering a steep mountain of inner calling. Requake have been born and reborn, time and time again, through their music – and especially through their ever-evolving sound.

Theirs is a dedicated take on both what dubstep is and could be. Their contribution has without a shadow of a doubt impacted – and to an extent shaped – the Belgian scene, spreading beyond borders like an uncontrollable aftershock. While they’ve been producing, DJing and supporting the sound for almost half a decade, Requake are still able to shock and awe and, as early and earnest fans, we are very pleased to see Requake here on FatKidOnFire!

Requake - No Air EP (SUBWAY031)

While we’re happy to see the duo here on FKOF, we’re even more happy at the fact Requake have joined forces with one of our favourite Dutch labels/ promoters/ all round champions of the sound; Subway Music! Subway’s Geoffrey hit me up a few weeks back with the all new SUBWAY031 and asked if we wanted to work something out. Michael‘s a huge fan of the producers, Geoffrey and Subway and Olaf thinks Subway is one of Holland’s finest dubstep labels (he has also been known to enjoy writing a review or two), so between us, we’re pretty proud with what we’ve achieved…

“The new Requake EP is entitled ‘No Air’ is one of epic proportions and features some of their best work to date…

“The release ranges from their signature skanking sound into even deeper regions, a side we haven’t yet seen from them yet but cant wait to hear more of!”

A dark atmospheric front immediately greets the listener, as ‘No Air’ slowly makes its aggressive stance to form the main pressure point of this EP.

“The shrill peaks of every stab will breach the peace with a continuous skank alert that’s guaranteed to set the crowd off  on any and every dance floor without any hesitation.

“Trap-like basslines flow under a transforming vocal sample that spells out the main theme of  ‘Taco’; a collaboration with Badklaat. Frequent filter sweeps follow with a sense of direction that fade in to keep the energy level at a constant maximum, as the switch in drum patterns keeps this production as fresh it sounds.

“The origin of ‘Trench Town’ is rather obvious; this is as true as Requake’s signature sound gets thanks to their original take on sample usage and a continuous bassline assault. Their murderous watermark is spread all over this production, this production is the definition of murkage.

“With ‘Musical of the Spheres’, Requake takes the listener on a different path – one to a much deeper realm. The very atoms of space exhale straight violence as they mix with the mellow approach of the sub-layer to awaken the mind of any stepper. A production that invites the exploration of the celestial side of music.

So you’ve read our review. What else do you need to do? Buy the release when it drops a week Monday (18/11/13).

And, because we like treating you lot, we’ve teamed up with our friends at Subway and the Requake guys to whet your appetite for SUBWAY031…

Subway Music x FatKidOnFire

Requake – Warm Winters
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The FKOF review:
“Requake open ‘Warm Winters’ with a beautiful vocal, constructing an innocent prologue that lights the garage flame. The vocal is followed by arrhythmic patterns which continuously stretch out to form the foundation of the wonderful production.

“This is a funky, eccentric and out-of-the-box production from the duo, revealing Requake’s skill and ability in stealing hearts in more than one genre of music. Belgian electronic music at its finest!”


Peace, love and respect.