Surge – Alphawolf EP - FKOF Review

Surge – Alphawolf EP

FKOF Review

There are many labels pushing the boundaries of the dubstep sound these days – both new and old imprints flying the flag in their own individual ways. One such label that’s been consistently impressing us is Walsh‘s Biscuit Factory Records. You can track the evolution of the genre with the label – with music from some of the most varied (and talented) producers in dubstep. The imprint’s also one that seems to rely on quality over quantity, with three or four releases a year. The final BFR EP of 2014 sees Croydon producer Surge join the roster with a three track release that’s going to do a lot for both producer and record label…

Surge - Alphawolf EP (BFR016)

The Alphawolf EP builds on the producer’s previous body of work – a back catalogue that’s seen releases with respected London labels like Wheel & Deal and Sin City.

EP opener Alphawolf has been a firm favourite of ours for a while now – snarling synths on top of a spacious yet cavernous production that truly lives up to its title. Extinction takes the Surge sound down a few levels, driving the tension with an ominous True Detective sample and razor-sharp percussion. It’s the third and final track on the release – Tip Toe – that really catches the attention though. It’s an adventurous and exciting production, inviting movement in the dance with its slinky keys and rumbling sub work. Overall, the three tracks combine to form a powerful release that signals both producer and label’s intent to champion themselves. As far as we’re concerned, they’ve achieved that and then some!

And if BFR016 isn’t enough, Surge has recruited Sgt. Pokes to host his brilliant debut here on FKOF…

Surge - Alphawolf EP (BFR016)

Click to DOWNLOAD (99MB) Track list:

  1. Itchy Robot – Reverse Paranoia
  2. Argo – Machina
  3. District – Inorganic 2
  4. Vallew – Illusions
  5. Argo – Body Control
  6. Deafblind – Blood Eagle
  7. Juss B – Drop Dem
  8. District – Alphahouse
  9. Genetix – Inner Sanctum
  10. Surge – Alphawolf
  11. Mesck – Fear of Symmetry
  12. 207 – Untitled
  13. Arkwright – Hang Tight
  14. J.K.L – Core Pressure
  15. Surge – Tip Toe
  16. DyAD & LifeSines – Haze
  17. Genetix – Dreadbomb
  18. Mesck – Dead Language
  19. Deceit – 206
  20. Itchy Robot – Ruff One
  21. Surge – Extinction
  22. Deafblind & Mesck – Less Than Nothing
  23. Dark Tantrums – Spiritual Healing

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