SYSTEM at KOKO - [Event Highlight]


[Event Highlight]

Every so often, you get a good indication that something once limited to underground culture is now no longer in the shadows.

We’ve covered V.I.V.E.K, his SYSTEM MUSIC label and the (now legendary) SYSTEM dances quite extensively here on FKOF, but today we announce the next chapter in the SYSTEM story…

“Potentially the most important night to emerge out of London over the past 5 years, SYSTEM is a night dedicated to the Foundation sounds.

“Since its inception 3 years ago, legendary London club night SYSTEM has sold out every single show – without any line ups or promotion… Founder V.I.V.E.K. built his own soundsystem in response to a lack of intimate clubs able to fully experience the weight of his music. This September, the SYSTEM crew are heading to KOKO for a huge one-off celebration. 

They’ll be bringing their famous soundsystem and hooking it up to the biggest system in London… They’re also (for the first time) announcing a line up of three legendary selectors: Dillinja, Kromestar & Channel One Soundsystem…”


One of the biggest systems, one of the biggest producer/ DJs, three of the biggest legends, one of London’s best venues.

There’s not much more we need to say…

Tickets here
Dubplates only
No sound restrictions
Doors from 9pm-3am

Tickets from £9.50-19.50.

Peace, love and respect.