System Music x FatKidOnFire - [Release Highlight]

System Music x FatKidOnFire

[Release Highlight]

The FKOF Promos set on the FatKidOnFire SoundCloud has only been up four months; but its contents is quickly becoming a popular part of what we upload. We’ve had some pretty awesome release promos in the past 16 weeks – and lots of awesome labels sending us clips – but this week things have gone up a notch or two.

V.I.V.E.K‘s SYSTEM is one of the few remaining events in the UK that sticks to Sub.Mission‘s popular motto: ‘Moving people through Sound not Hype’. There’s few events – or venues for that matter – left here the UK that cater to the kind of gathering that V.I.V.E.K and the rest of the SYSTEM crew have created in the past 18 months or so. Lighters up, lights down, a huge sound system, good vibes and good music. It’s DMZ for the post-DMZ era – with attendees travelling from across the country (and from further afield) to experience the dances in all their thankfully infrequent glory.


So when news surfaced that V.I.V.E.K was taking the dance vibe and founding a SYSTEM label, we all knew it would be special. And special it is.

SYSTM001 was the truly stunning ‘Asteroids’ (nominated by Dubstepforum members as one of the best tracks of last year) backed with ‘Over My Head’ featuring Mel Dymond and the Om Unit remix – an unsurprising sell-out record.

SYSTM002 follows the label’s debut release with two tracks from the relatively unknown Karma. From his Hedmuk 019 feature from 2011:

“Karma is a rising talent we’ve had our eye on for a while here at Hedmuk as he brings something genuinely unique to the table in terms of his production. With a background in making hip-hop beats and drawing influence from a wide spectrum of bass-led music, Karma blends laid-back melodies with carefully constructed, weighty basslines and tight rhythms to make music equally at home in headphones as on a big club system.”

Korrupt initally caught up with V.I.V.E.K at a recent gig in Rotterdam and got talking about the label, the event and more. Since then, I’ve caught up with the SYSTEM founder and, in the first part of a few label-related posts we’ve got coming with him, we yesterday uploaded an exclusive FKOF Promo of the latest release.

Karma - SYSTM002

Karma – How Ya Feel

‘How Ya Feel’ radiates positivity, making for an extremely enjoyable listening experience. While slowly moving into a peaceful trance before the drop actually hits, the track sucks the listener into a wormhole of strongly defined percussion and low-end built for sound systems. 

The producer successfully conveys the true feeling of old-school, meditative bassweight. ‘How Ya Feel’ can be traced to the roots of the genre, without sounding dated. This is a truly impeccable production with a hypnotising flow thanks to the plodding melodic bassline that effortlessly blends with the vocal. This timeless piece of music is definitely a record to cherish. True sound system music. 

Karma – Smear Dub

Karma introduces the Coki-esque ‘Smear Dub’ with delayed percussion, opening the track with intensity that prepares the listener for an eyes down and lighters up experience. This stepper reaches out to the true power of wobbles, that are matched with ground shaking sub-bass underneath the solid midranges.

An excellent short break gives the listener brief respite before Karma brings in the second drop of this powerful production. The great variations in drum patterns and hits keep the mind focused on deep meditation. Strange pads and other organic noises seem to be buried deep within the mix, contributing to the freshness of the track. With classic Mystikz influences, ‘Smear Dub’ brings the old school wobble into 2013 taking it to the next level.

Karma and V.I.V.E.K have outdone themselves with this release – the young producer firmly announcing himself to the genre and the label reaffirming the belief that the sound is alive and well. Dubstep definitely ain’t dead.

Champion sounds from a rising star and a young label with ridiculous potential. SYSTM002 is out 22/07/2013. Pre-order it here.

Vivek System

Peace, love and respect.