Taiko – Jelly Bots EP - FKOF Premiere

Taiko – Jelly Bots EP

FKOF Premiere

Everyone knows Taiko by now (and if they don’t, well, the less said the better). He’s a producer with an intriguing musical palette; one that continues to excite and inspire with every release or upload.


From the classic Spray Can on Uprise Audio, to the countless dubs with FKOF fam, to his newest physical releases with some of the most exciting imprints in bass music, the UK producer knows his kick and snare, low end and atmospheres. His unique interpretation of grime has also brought him a following, perhaps best demonstrated with the recent appearance of his Untitled Grime on Spooky’s ‘10 most prized dubplates‘.

Taiko’s got a few records coming in 2017, but before that’s out in the open, we’d like to spend a quick minute to talk about his forthcoming release on White Peach Records. We’ve been fans of the imprint for a few years, going back to 2011’s WPR001 (still in the collection, Zha)! The label announced Taiko’s Jelly Bots EP earlier this month, showcasing nothing but a mixture of quality grime and dubstep. Here’s the FKOF Premiere of the release opener, one that does a fair bit of damage. Just listen to those stabs, harsh percussion and that floating bassweight. Taiko’s had a fruitful year and is coming for 2017…

Buy the physical release of WPR016 here

Peace, love and respect.