Dubstep Ain’t Dead - Do we really still need to be having this conversation?

Dubstep Ain’t Dead

Do we really still need to be having this conversation?

After hearing the news about Benga’s departure from the music scene, I saw a mixture of reactions. Some people respect his decision, whilst others sadly seem to think it’s (yet again) a suitable opportunity to shout about the death of dubstep.

It’s beginning to get old.

Dubstep Ain't Dead

Benga is, and always will be, a founding father of the dubstep genre and I can only commend him for deciding to start a life with his family. I fully respect the choice he made and fully support his decision.

Back to this ‘dubstep is dead’ talk.

Just because the commercial dubstep fad has moved on does not mean the scene is dead. It only means that there will be a higher quality of music from producers and DJs; as the bandwagoners move on to the ‘next big thing’. As for any of the other original dubstep producers who have moved on… Good for you. You are musicians and you should always follow your passion.

I think people moving on is a good thing. It keeps the sound fresh, moving away from the saturation of poorly constructed music and people hyping for Facebook fans or SoundCloud followers. The departure of the ‘wagoners leaves space for the real talent to shine. Labels like Tempa, Uprise Audio, System and Innamind Recordings have always picked up new and great talent and I would expect this to continue.

Benga at Fabric

Quite frankly, the scene’s haters can do one for all I care. The naysayers, those quick to draw for the ‘dubstep’s dead’, continue to bring the scene down.

I spoke to a respected artist, one who’s still here and still passionate about our sound, yesterday and they were not happy about some of the youngers giving Benga grief for moving on. I admire how this particular artist wanted to protect the scene he and many other figures have helped to build.

At Fokus and FKOF, dubstep (along with house and DnB) is our life, culture and bread ’n’ butter. We will always support the music and inspiration that helped create what we do and we will always support the sounds we love.

Big shouts to Benga for his contributions to dubstep. We’ll miss you man – and good luck for the future!

Thank you to all the producers and DJs who continue to provide us with music. Thank you, of course, to all the fans.

You are all what keep it alive.

Something dies when it’s no longer listened to or loved. And, judging by the shows I’ve hit up in the last few months; and the releases coming out at the minute; and the fresh new sounds I hear almost daily, it’s far from dead. Anyone saying otherwise has no place in our sound.

Words by Fokus FM’s co-founder Cimm.
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