The Algorithm – Brute Force - FKOF Review

The Algorithm – Brute Force

FKOF Review

And now for something completely different. Well, not quite.

Back in May 2014, we reviewed an album that quite honestly blew our proverbial socks off. If you missed it first time round, The Algorithm‘s Octopus4 was a conceptual body of work that “tells the story of OCTOPUS4 (a Commodore 64 computer virus with a vicious love of Will Smith) escaping in an alternate universe and changing the face of the world forever”.


The Algorithm - Brute Force

The album was delightfully bonkers and, having waited nearly two years since its release, we were pleased to recently learn Remi’s back with another long player. This time working with US label FiXT, the musician has created a 10 track beast that once again documents his ability to combine a number of genres and influences you didn’t think could work – perhaps an audial version of Marmite and cheese toasties (sounds odd, but in execution is damn awesome).

The aptly-titled Brute Force rides like a rollercoaster with its emotive peaks and troughs, battering you about like a Force 12 weather system before gently lulling you into what turns out to be a false sense of security. It’s everything – and more – we’ve come to expect from The Algorithm.

We’re slightly late to the party, as Brute Force came out at the start of the month, but we’ve teamed up with The Algorithm and FiXT to give you a FKOF free download of the fifth track on the album. But don’t sleep – because this is only going to be available for the next week…

Named after a method out of the field of cryptography to gain access to passwords, this album will work you until you open up. Delivered by an unhinged, humorous and abrasive mix of soundscapes, Brute Force is an impressively cohesive genre mash of metal, rock, edm, synthwave and sheer lunacy. The album follows the groundbreaking records Polymorphic Code and Octopus 4, which redefined crossover music for the 21st century winning The Algorithm the ‘Best Underground Act’ award at the Metal Hammer Golden Gods in 2013.”

Track list:

  1. The Algorithm – boot
  2. The Algorithm – floating
  3. The Algorithm – pointers
  4. The Algorithm – brute force
  5. The Algorithm – userspace
  6. The Algorithm – shellcode
  7. The Algorithm – hex
  8. The Algorithm ft. Igorrr – deadlock
  9. The Algorithm – rootkit
  10. The Algorithm – trojans (hard mode)

The Algorithm’s Brute Force is out now. Buy it. It’s awesome.
You can purchase the release from Remi directly or from FiXT here.

The Algorithm

Peace, love and respect.