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The Algorithm – Octopus4

FKOF Review

Back in April of last year, one of our occasional contributors reviewed an album he described as progressive, challenging and “a great record”.

Since the release of Polymorphic Code, Remi Gallego’s The Algorithm project has garnered significant critical acclaim and has seen the outfit tour internationally with some of the most respected bands in metal, electronica and the grey area between the two. We recently discovered Remi (and drummer Mike) had been working on a follow up album. Octopus4 is a conceptual body of work that apparently “tells the story of OCTOPUS4 (a Commodore 64 computer virus with a vicious love of Will Smith) escaping in an alternate universe and changing the face of the world forever”. As you do…

The Algorithm

Like its predecessor, Octopus4 is a challenging experience – but one that rewards with every listen. Combining Remi’s love of a wide range of genres, the album somehow manages to cohesively crash its way through 12 tracks. It’s held together with the producer’s brilliant arrangements (or songwriting if you can call it that) and what promises to be an exhilarating live experience when combined with Mike’s skills on the drumkit. It’s diverse, it’s raucous and it’s fun.

Having achieved all they did with Polymorphic Code, we’re pretty excited to see what the duo manage with the follow up. Octopus4 is a brilliant album in its own right and will, without doubt, build on The Algorithm’s previous successes (while deftly side stepping the sophomore slump with a raised middle finger salute).

Octopus4 is out on June 2nd on the ever-reliable Basick Records. If you can’t wait until then, we’re delighted to offer up an world-first run through of the new Algo album in its entirety. You’re welcome and we hope you enjoy!

“Octopus4 follows the groundbreaking debut Polymorphic Code, a record that redefined crossover music for the 21st century winning The Algorithm the ‘Best Underground Act’ award at the Metal Hammer Golden Gods and creating huge demand for worldwide touring. Mastermind Remi Gallego and prodigious young drummer Mike Malyan (of Monuments fame) have gone on to destroy venues and stages across the globe…”

Track list:  

  1. The Algorithm – autoRun
  2. The Algorithm – discovery
  3. The Algorithm –  _MOS
  4. The Algorithm – will_smith
  5. The Algorithm – PYTHAGORAS
  6. The Algorithm – synthesiz3r
  7. The Algorithm – damage points
  8. The Algorithm – void
  9. The Algorithm – loading
  10. The Algorithm – un dernier combat
  11. The Algorithm – recovery fail!
  12. The Algorithm – octopus4

The Algorithm’s Octopus4 is out 02/06/14. Buy it. It’s awesome.
Pre-order the release from Basick RecordsMusic Glue, iTunes & Amazon.

The Algorithm

Peace, love and respect.