The FKOF 10k EP - Celebrating A Milestone

The FKOF 10k EP

Celebrating A Milestone

For those of you who didn’t notice, we reached a monumental 10,000 followers on the FatKidOnFire SoundCloud account last night.

We’ve got quite a stack of upcoming FKOF free downloads – but we thought it’d be nice to mark the occasion with four of the biggest we’ve been sat on…


Thanks to the artists who’ve donated their music to be involved. Not to mention every artist who’s given us their music, their time, their energy and their support over our four short years.

Thanks to the FKOF crew, there’s too many of you to mention individually – but you know who you are. You’ll all pretty much members these days anyway! Special mentions to the FKOF residents, Justify, Chris and not forgetting my partner in crime Olaf. We did it gang!

Last but definitely not least; thanks to you guys, the followers, the listeners, the fans. We couldn’t have done it without you. Here’s to the next milestone!

De Niro – Blue Midnight
Click to DOWNLOAD (320)

The FKOF review:
“Pressure builds to upset the comfortable equilibrium, creating an unbelievable climax that forces the listener to take not. Mysterious elements play a crucial role in this production, sucking the listener in with the destructive force of ‘Midnight Blue’.

“An ever-changing chain of percussion switches parallel to the beat patterning, dropping the listener in the middle of organised chaos. Pulsating low-end pushes this roller forward, with growls following the trail of damage left behind. This is a killer production from the Italian producer, one that lurks in darks corners and jumps out at the unwary.”

Sixth Ape & C-Side – Untold Passage
Click to DOWNLOAD (320)

The FKOF review:
“A haunting vocal and a contagious tribalistic rhythm attempt to open a pathway to higher consciousness. Estranged guitars are introduced along with howling reeses that float through the stereo spectrum.

“Organic elements have a mind of their own, while the collaboration’s half-step procedure slices through the audio spectrum. Sixth Ape and C-Side’s attention to detail on the percussion adds a lethal dose of aggression to ‘Untold Passage’; one wrong move and the two tribesmen will emerge from the depths and shoot a poison dart through the heart.”

Muttley – Tiled (Boofy remix)
Click to DOWNLOAD (320)

The FKOF review:
“Ghost-like formations create a dark atmosphere; one that’s joined by subtle pounds that are matched by almost offbeat percussion to wire the listener into a downward spiral. The enriched growls that emerge drain the weak by dragging them down to the shadow’s side.

“As the continuous weight of the sub-layer piles up, the high frequencies act as a sharp blade that cuts at the listener. An innocent vocal lurks beneath the atmosphere, as the reverb implemented adds a rather deadly, long-lasting effect to Boofy’s ‘Tiled’ remix”.

Krimson – No Idea
Click to DOWNLOAD (320)

The FKOF review:
“Krimson opens ‘No Idea’ with a savage all-out mid range assault. The haunting atmospheres hint at something sinister, portraying an almost alien experience the listener should avoid.

“A huge collection of subsonic patterns blend with the mid range, disabling the senses with ease. This nightmare machine creates melodies that stick in the brain; a brutal and parasitic production that leaves the listener clueless.”

And, if the above four tracks aren’t enough, our very own Korrupt dedicated his 51st ‘Sounds of the Underground’ show on Access.FM last night to celebrating our FKOF 10k milestone. His very, very special set is download-enabled below. Enjoy!

“On Wednesday 30th of October, Wil Benton, the founder of FatKidOnFire and his gang reached another insane milestone: 10,000 followers on SoundCloud. This ‘Sounds of the Underground’ session on Access.FM is dedicated to him and the rest of our family, followers and everybody that supports the cause. I’d like to thank everybody involved for this, and huge respect to one of my personal heroes. Shouts to all the producers featured, thanks for sending your great music. To others: If you didn’t make it in this track-list, maybe you’re next! As always, available as free download for your ears.”


Track list:

  1. Rednote – Relapse [forthcoming Dubtastic Records]
  2. Deafblind – The Inflection Point [forthcoming Sub Pressure Recordings]
  3. Droid Sector – Outbreak [FKOF Free Download]
  4. C-Side & BM – Exsibilation [dub]
  5. AxH – Beast [FKOF Free Download]
  6. Love The Cook – Critical [dub]
  7. SparkUp – Samson420 [dub]
  8. Arkwright – Sniper [dub]
  9. Native – Cajun Funk [dub]
  10. Morrison – Seclusion [dub]
  11. Morrison – Terra [forthcoming Iron Shirt Recordings]
  12. Commit – Espia [dub]
  13. Lysergene – Fortress [dub]
  14. Subreachers & 11th Hour – Immortal [forthcoming FKOFd002]
  15. Argo – Red [dub]
  16. DT – Where’s Reese VIP [dub]
  17. Delta-Labs – Archville [dub]
  18. Dimness, Karnage & MarkIV – Decision [dub]
  19. Darj – Vesta [dub]
  20. Fialko – Terratone [dub]
  21. DyAD & Khafu – Untitled [dub]
  22. Sibla – Regret (Specta remix) [dub]
  23. Subtle Minds – Shokunin [forthcoming TUBA Records]
  24. Love The Cook – One Sound [dub]
  25. Mesck – Strange Exile [dub]
  26. Thelem – False Imprint [InnaMind Recordings]
  27. Jubei ft. Consequence – Ungrounded [Metalheadz]
  28. TMSV – Haze (LX One remix) [Artikal Music UK]
  29. D-Operation Drop – Slammer (Sparxy remix) [dub]
  30. Feonix – Back Never [dub]
  31. Deafblind – Substitution [dub]
  32. Khafu & Love The Cook – Evil Minds [dub]
  33. Juss B – Horsewhipper [dub]
  34. Barom – Two Worlds [dub]
  35. Waeze – Shiva VIP [dub]
  36. Feonix – Clockwork VIP [dub]
  37. Love The Cook – Level Up [dub]
  38. Karnage & MarkIV – Pulse (Content Dark Corner remix) [dub]
  39. Vaun & Animai – Taking Over (Extended Version) [forthcoming Mindstep Music]


Peace, love and respect.