The Future of Social… And Everything Else

The Future of Social… And Everything Else

The guest posts have been coming thick and fast here on FatKidOnFire – and there are a lot more where they’re coming from.

Tonight sees a bit of a departure from the normal fashion, bass music and general banter that’s become the norm for FKOF over the past few years.

I’ve spent the past two years working in the digital industry – first at an awesome agency and now at an amazing little internet startup (but more on that in a future post). In my spare time, when not commuting to/ from (or sat in the) office, I write for Microsoft’s developer blog Ubelly and generally try follow the technology industry as closely as possible. And given FKOF is (kind of) my personal blog, it sort of makes sense that I start writing about tech every now and again. So I bandied around the idea on Twitter and the general consensus seemed fairly positive.

And when an old friend hit me up saying he’d started an awesome tech blog; we decided to kick off the new tech section (if you can call it that) with a guest post from Joe…

[Photo by Nick Smith]

The future of social is literally in your hands. Mobile as a platform has made social as we know it today; and [more importantly!] will continue to define it in the future.

Real time updates have allowed social to become the most dynamic and involving insight into you or your brand’s life. Within seconds, it is is possible to share your location, what you’re up to, who you’re listening to or even immortalise the moment with a picture or video. Your life is [or can be] in the public eye, but this isn’t a bad thing.

Social is enhancing our relationships.

We know the ins and outs of those we care about most; be it friends, our favourite companies or our community. We can interact, on some level experiencing the events with them.

Where social will truly come into its own in the future is through effective use of data. Data about the places, times and objects interacting with you. Providing more context to your social feed, personalised results will be tailored to be the most relevant to you. Apps will be better designed, minimizing screen time – allowing for a more seamless experience between social and actually being social.

But it’s not just social where mobile will be king; it’s everywhere!

For example, we’re just about to see a huge wave of Near Field Communication (NFC) technology flood its way into smartphones.

NFC allows for a quick transfer of information (e.g. data or money; think bluetooth without the need to permanently pair), with a much smaller (read securer) maximum working distance than its predecessor, RFID. While the immediate usage looks set to make the smartphone replace the credit card, later we could see the same technology being used to gain access to buildings or even start your car.

If you’re anything like me who religiously does a “keys, wallet, phone” check before heading out, reducing this process to just “phone” is very appealing!

Top that with smartphones perhaps replacing the humble remote control, being used for home automation, operating your TV/ tech and even acting as a hub providing access to all of your media; mobile looks set to be the future in almost every aspect of our lives.

Now if only they could improve the battery life…

If you enjoyed Joe’s first guest post, head over to Social Gadget (or follow him on Twitter and Facebook) to get a taste of what he’s up to, and watch out for future posts here on FatKidOnFire. Joe and I will be swapping content over the coming months – so keep your eyes on SG and the ‘tech’ tag here on FKOF. And look out for the new tech section when FKOF2.0 launches in a few months!

Peace, love and respect.