Thought & Process + Coleco x FatKidOnFire - [Artist Highlight]

Thought & Process + Coleco x FatKidOnFire

[Artist Highlight]

It’s been a busy week here at FatKidOnFire HQ. We had the Dubstepforum win on Thursday, DMZ’s 8th birthday on Friday, 3,500 fans yesterday and now 350,000 plays on SoundCloud today. And Olaf and I are working on a FKOF2.0/ FKOF 3rd birthday project while Carl ties up the loose end with the new site. Madness!

Luckily we’ve found time in the quite frankly ridiculous schedule to sort a new Artist Highlight post with two long time members of the FKOF family and a new addition…

Jacob and Tyler are long, long time FKOF family and have recently released their debut EP as Thought & Process (out now on Noctem Audio). They hit me up with this FKOF free download and asked us to give it a home…

Korrupt‘s review:
“A basic percussive drum pattern introduces this track, which quickly evolves to something complex and beautiful. An emotive upbeat and ‘jungly’ roller that gets the listener pumped up for an impending summer. A well-chosen sweep, combined with a sharp synth, extends the climax just a little longer before the keys actually tune in and the first drop arrives…

“The drop hits completely on-point with warm vibrations in the sub-region of the mix, followed by cool little glitches and the authentic 8-bit sound that spice up the mix. As soon as the glitches disappear, Thought & Process move further into the other elements, solidifying this remarkable production.

“As the break commences, the 8-bit sounds fade in and out of the mix – with the keys returning – their patterning is just flawless. With the hi-hats coming in to speed it up again, the drop is beyond expectations! The old synth has evolved into something more soothing, sailing into space without looking back; heading to infinity.

“With an ending in sight, T&P have proven to be one of the Drum & Bass producers to look out for this year. The amazing change in drum patterns at the end of the mix, followed by a smooth last flow, really accentuates their style of production. A truly stellar production from Jacob and Tyler!”

Click to DOWNLOAD (320)

T&P also put together a second DnB mix for FKOF (find their first here) a few weeks ago. “90+ minutes of raw energy” as they put it. Well worth a listen!

Lastly, we have an hour’s mix of the finest 160bpm sounds from Bristol’s Coleco. Alex hit me up a few weeks back and said he’d been itching to record a 160bpm mix for FKOF. A few weeks later and here we are! This one is truly, truly brilliant…


Track list:

1. Coleco – One Sixty [Free]
2. FSOL – Ill Flower (Machinedrum remix) [Pseudogeddon]
3. Boxcutter – Untitled 170 [dub]
4. Ascend – Can’t Hold Back (Dawn Day Night edit) [Pseudogeddon]
5. Coleco – Focus 10 [dub]
6. Pixelord – Footpork [Loose Squares]
7. Ital Tek – Hyper Real (Deft remix) [Civil Music]
8. Om Unit – Swimming Dragon (Ital Tek remix) [Civil Music]
9. Danny Scrilla – X (Moresounds Dub) [Cosmic Bridge]
10. Coleco – Turn Back Time [dub]
11. Ital Tek – The Flood [Civil Music]
12. The Host + Ken & Ryu – Gator Dream [dub]
13. Nickotine – Crack [Loose Squares]
14. EAN – Flow [Cosmic Bridge]
15. Fracture ft. Dawn Day Night – Get Busy [Exit Records]
16. Jubei ft. Flowdan – Say Nothin’ (Rockwell remix) [Razors Edge]
17. Fracture – The Limit VIP [Astrophonica]
18. ASC – Prometheus [Samurai Red Seal]
19. Om Unit ft. Tamara Blessa – Dark Sunrise [Civil Music]
20. Thelem – Harmonic Fractals [Free]
21. Dub Phizix and Skittles – I’m A Creator [Exit Records]
22. Paradox – Aphorismic [Paradox Music]

Normal service will resume here on FKOF later this week with the first ‘FatKidOnFire Presents‘ feature with New Zealand’s Olie Bassweight. Hold tight!

Peace, love and respect.