Thoughts on Burial - Ten Years of HBDCD001

Thoughts on Burial

Ten Years of HBDCD001

There aren’t many EPs or albums that resonate deeply inside the collective mind and soul ten years after their release.


Ten years after the release of both his and Hyperdub’s debut album, Burial’s music still sounds as futuristic as it did in 2006. Burial, which appeared on Hyperdub on the 15th of May 2006, pushed one of London’s most experimental producers (and not to mention labels) into global consciousness. Burial’s sound is a style unlike any other — a combination of abstract and ambient UK garage and dubstep. Burial’s material incorporated his ever-fresh flavours (emotion, soul, sorrow, strange track titles and not to mention mysticism)into a sound that somehow encapsulated the golden era of the dubstep sound while sounding as futuristic as any other material being released at the time. Burial was and continues to be a crucial part of bass music’s rich history.

As a musician who shunned the fame and attention that came with his subsequent successes, Burial was a refreshing take on (anonymously) creating an underground sound that to this day soundtracks a generation’s love for bass-led music.


While we can go on about his magnificent sound and the material that followed the debut album, some questions remain. When will we see new Burial music? Will his timeless tunes we’ve all been craving surface or remain unreleased? Who knows what will happen but, given the influence and appeal Burial holds a decade after its release we’re hoping there’s more to come from the secretive producer.

Peace, love and respect.