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Tony Rock Horror – Brass Tacks

FKOF Review

Tony Rocky Horror - Bass Tacks EP

As part of our ongoing efforts to champion labels and producers the world over, we recently got the chance to check the latest release on new Croatian label Untied. This is the imprint’s third (and probably final) release of the year – following standout EPs from FKOF fam JKL and Ohmtrix. And, as it happens, UD003 features new material from a producer we’ve spent quite a lot of time with; the truly awesome Tony Rocky Horror.

So where did Untied come from? Vedran Pusic (you may know him as producer/ DJ 207)and Goran Provic started the label early this year in the now well-known bass paradise of Croatia.

The duo are responsible for signing some pretty exciting talent from our international community; including the aforementioned JKL and Ohmtrix – as well as Darkimh and Tony Rocky Horror (with, we’re told, many to come). What do these artists have in common? They live and breath the message Untied are looking to share…

Seattle’s Tony Rocky Horror ends the year with the latest addition to the Untied catalogue, his first with the label, as the producer continues to solidify his following with the aggressive dubstep sound we’ve come to know. As you’d expect, the 5 track UD003 EP pulls no punches.

The Bass Tacks release opens with the self-titled lead – a growler that really stands its ground. A minimal-to-the-bone complex quickly amplifies the bassweight inside – it’s a pleasant surprise just how much power this one has.

Moon Rocks explores the outer limits of the stratosphere as its listeners stumble upon midrange rarities, aliens and astral lasers. It all aligns with almost extraterrestrial soundscapes that drag you into a pleasantly surreal experience.

The distortion in Mash Down ratchets the pressure levels up – supported by an ARP-based synth that inspires an appetite for destruction. The tune’s quality effect processing once again highlight’s the American producer’s ability on the buttons. Solid work here.

Ice-cold hits, solid waves of lowend and strange vocal samples represent the contagious sound in Gonzeaux. It’s a jam dedicated to the true halfstep sound; one built to test bass bins around the world!

Seattleite Tony Rocky Horror ends his first outing on Croatian bass outfit Untied with a change in direction and a somewhat different vibe. His closing creation, Titan, ups the energy levels – a tune to enjoy on countless occasions.

Untied have shared the latest installment in their efforts to catalogue the finest bass-led music. We’re excited to see what comes next!

UD003 drops this December
Eyes on Juno for its impending arrival.

Tony Rocky Horror

Peace, love and respect.