Tony Rocky Horror x FatKidOnFire - [Artist Highlight]

Tony Rocky Horror x FatKidOnFire

[Artist Highlight]

It’s seemingly a running theme – this “America’s making dubstep and we’re loving it” thing we’ve got going on at the moment. Our Stateside siblings have seriously stepped up over the last few months – and our latest FKOF Artist Highlight is a perfect example of this…

Tony Rocky Horror

Initially coming across our radar via our friends at Genetix and their Deep Tuna imprint, we joined forces with Seattle’s Tony Rocky Horror in May of last year with a four track FKOF EP freebie. 10 months later, we’re delighted to have Brian back on FKOF with another ridiculous EP – and an absolutely brilliant mix.

Brian’s one of our favourite US producers at the moment – and this awesome follow up to his last feature with us is testament to why. We hope you enjoy the mix and EP as much as we have putting this all together!

The FKOF review

“A war cry forces the raw dynamics of Bring You Under into the face of its listeners, pushing into an unfamiliar frequency range. This roller blurs the lines of aggression and comfort, creating a stampede that strikes once the drop hits. Resonating mid-ranges scrub the cochlea, giving off a tight vibe through high quality reverb and delays passing through the crooked frequency bands. A tumbling low end pattern cranks up the pressure, making Tony Rocky Horror’s opener one acts as a blaring safety alert. The drone-esque sounds raging through this cut will dig deeper into the brain – you have warned…

“Track two, Trace Evidence, is a murky gambit that highlights the American’s ability to create dangerous growls within the massive weight of subby depth. Hoodlum samples are incorporated to increase the level of infamy, while the level of destructive mid-ranges brings the fire. This combination of elements leads to total warfare, as the Deep Tuna artist challenges to smash his listeners about with his deadly tunes. The samples involved highlight the producer’s destructive efforts, with the elements tweaked to fill this second banger with some highly hazardous vibes!

“The third track in this latest FKOF EP – French Exit – is a housey endeavour that nicely inhabits the darker places in Tony Rocky Horror’s trademark sound. All the grotty and grimey resonance spills out of this cut – it’s an excellent and temporal deadlock that sets a peculiar but addictive groove. Wobbling riffs jump back and forth to drive the tension, helping maximise the fear factor. The repetitive hi-hat takes you on rollercoaster ride, leading to a moody journey full of thunderstorms and foreboding chaos. The way the low end wanders through the stereo image is something that will stick in the mind long after the track has finished…

“Last but definitely not least, Sensi rounds off the EP with its dubby exertions that rattle foundations while firing the red, yellow and green smoke signals. A whirl of mysticism passes through the mid-ranges, while heavy distortion smashes the fitting vocal inside the American’s realm of sound. Sophisticated low end design vibes along the bumps exercised through mellow yet stomping kicks, followed by hefty FX processing and the miraculous panning techniques put into action. This cut marks the perfect ending to an EP that collectively reaches the required levels – Tony Rocky Horror’s sound is highly recommended. You’ll be hearing more of this producer – we guarantee it…”

Click to DOWNLOAD (153MB)

Track list:

  1. Tony Rocky Horror – Shadow [dub]
  2. Caspa – March Of The Marionettes [Dub Police]
  3. Tony Rocky Horror – Ultrasound [dub]
  4. Karnage & Mark IV – Zenith [forthcoming Sub:Lvl]
  5. The Others – All The Way Down [Dub Police]
  6. Tony Rocky Horror – Titan [dub]
  7. Taiko – Perfect Wait (Biome remix) [Subaltern]
  8. Proxima – Playing The Arp [Tempa]
  9. Hatcha & Pixelfist – Screwface [Sin City]
  10. Tony Rocky Horror – Tension Dub [FKOF Free Download]
  11. Truth ft. Bijou – How Strange [Tempa]
  12. Genetix – Dreadbomb [forthcoming Deep Tuna]
  13. DJ Madd – Burnin Dance [Roots & Future]
  14. Commodo – Hyperreal [Free]
  15. Tony Rocky Horror – Sensi [FKOF Free Download]
  16. LX One – Reflect [Wheel & Deal]
  17. Tony Rocky Horror – Punishment [dub]
  18. Matt-U – Burpee [Free]
  19. 207 – Panic Attack [Free]
  20. Genetix – Passenger [Dub Police]
  21. The Others – Stargate [Dub Police]
  22. Benny Page & Zero G ft. Tenor Fly – Raggamuffin [High Culture]
  23. Tony Rocky Horror – Killswitch [dub]
  24. Kaiju – M16 [Osiris]
  25. Tony Rocky Horror – Surgical [dub]
  26. Feonix – The Cube [Macabre Unit]
  27. Proxima ft. P Money – Pressurized [Tempa]
  28. Tony Rocky Horror – Slaloms [Deep Tuna]
  29. Silkie – Bird In The Sky [Wheel & Deal]
  30. Enei ft. Chimpo – Headtop [Critical]
  31. Laxx & Walsh – Draw For The Heat [Wheel & Deal]

Download the 320s here
Download the WAVS here

Tony Rocky Horror

Peace, love and respect.