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Truth – Hollow World

FKOF Review

Truth certainly didn’t squander the opportunity Mala gave them back in 2009 when he signed one of their first 140 productions, The Fatman, to his legendary Deep Medi record label. They released Terror Planet on Aquatic Lab only a few months later, and have since signed tracks on every major label in the game.

The Truth back catalogue includes four EPs on Tempa, three on Deep Medi and further releases on Boka, Wheel & Deal and Black Box (to name but a few of their 30+ releases in just over five years, not forgetting two – now three – long players and an appearance on last year’s FKOFUn/Known01). The roster of releases under their belts is unquestionable testimony to the pair’s tenacity, diligence and hard work. I think it’s fair to say we can have faith in almost anything they put out at this stage…

Even if it is released on Datsik’s record label.

Truth - Hollow World LP [FKOF Review]

Their third full length LP, Hollow World, features 14 unreleased tracks and contains collaborations with UK veterans Joker and Flowdan and Teklife’s Taso. Interestingly, as hinted at, the LP has been released on Datsik’s Firepower Recordings, a move that may not at first appear in line with Truth’s previous output. The album, however, certainly doesn’t promote any of the same, somewhat stigmatized, attributes associated with the Canadian dubstep EDM producer, and this is apparent from the opening of the album. Come With Me boasts the typical ‘Bass & Space’ ethos that has been associated with Truth from day one, and combines hypnotic vocal cuts with familiar floating and moving synth patterns. No wonder it’s been a staple of Youngsta’s Minimal Monday’s diet for quite some time. The second track on the album is also worth a mention.

Madman features Flowdan’s unparalleled vocal qualities and precision flow sitting neatly alongside rolling tribally percussion and filtered break patterns. This is a tune that’s going to do some serious damage over the summer. The collaboration with Joker is an interesting addition to the album – Joker hasn’t really offered much to the scene for quite some time, but his timeless rising coarse synth patterns and shuffled drums are immediately recognisable over some curious vocal work by Lelijveld, an artist who’s credentials remain a mystery.

Although at this stage it may appear as though Truth really can’t up their game, they somehow have.

By taking this LP away from the 140BPM mark, the duo genuinely impress at a whole range of tempos –  it’s obvious the pair have spent an incomprehensible amount of time in the studio preparing this LP. The Fact is a 170BPM, majorly stripped-back (almost neuro-funk / technical drum&bass) piece, engineered to absolute precision in all departments. The tune switches and changes constantly throughout, certainly a favourite. Withered offers a very similar vibe to The Fact, cementing Truth’s ability to produce at the more energetic 170 mark. London provides a 125(ish) offering but somehow still succinctly encapsulates and upholds exactly what Truth strive to produce; spacious bass-heavy club music with a high standard of musical technicality and detail.


It’s difficult to find fault with this album.

Once again the internationally renowned duo have provided on so many levels. There are certainly Truth releases that I have preferred over others, both Fatman and Fatman VIP sit proudly in my record box to this day alongside the likes of Terror Planet, Amnesia and the Stranger than Fiction EP, but this album unquestionably competes for pole position amongst some of the great music the pair have released.

I would say there’s a bright future in store for Truth but I’m not really sure what else they can do…

Words by FKOF contributor Silas
Truth’s Hollow World LP is available now. Buy it from iTunesBeatport and Bandcamp
You can order the vinyl from Truth directly on their Bandcamp account here.


Peace, love and respect.