Truth – How Strange EP - FKOF Review

Truth – How Strange EP

FKOF Review

In my mind, there are two things worth noting about the following post.

First, the label that’s releasing the EP we’re reviewing. To have an imprint like Tempa on these pages is a real, genuine milestone for FatKidOnFire – and one I’m not sure I’d ever imagined we’d reach when I first started doing what we do all those years ago. An absolute privilege (without getting too sentimental).

Secondly, the artists involved. As you may have noticed, the last FKOF Review we published also features a release from two of the most prolific producers in dubstep. It’s testament to Truth’s work rate – and their music (obviously) – that they can drop an album on Datsik’s Firepower Records one month and follow up the next month with a vinyl release on Tempa… Out to you Dre and Tristan!

Truth - How Strange (Tempa085)

“Truth’s fourth 12″ for Tempa features three tracks of their distinctive, sprawling and dramatic halfstep. While retaining the physical impact and dancefloor impulses that have long defined the genre, Truth tracks carve out colossal rifts within the mix. Their sound combines vocals, cryptic melodies and fluttering sound effects – all crafted for total immersion in the dance.”

While the Truth sound is obviously comfortable across a number of outlets, their fit seems most comfortable with an imprint like Tempa. The latest addition to their back catalogue sees the duo partner with two long-term collaborators (in the form of Montreal vocalist Bijou and TekLife’s Taso). This is a group of musicians who’ve already seen music signed by two of the most respected heavyweight dubstep label there is – Medi for the deep heads and then Firepower for the tearout/ crossover crew.

And now their latest outing together sees the trio land on Tempa for the three track How Strange EP…

The FKOF review

A mysterious interlude opens How Strange; a production with an almost extraterrestrial vibe. Truth create a malicious movement that could be interpreted as an invasion of the mind, while Bijou ratchets up the creepy tension factor before organic sweeps bring in the drop. The elements go hand-in-hand with each other, while the low end vibrantly roars as only Truth know how.

Justify demands immediate attention with an intense bassweight lesson – one that’s combined with an almost old school wobble extravaganza. Truth partner TekLife’s Taso for the release’s first B side, combing New Zealand and San Francisco bass as only these guys can. Justify is a firm Youngta favourite and is guaranteed to set it off when and wherever it’s dropped. Truth at their finest!

The duo close their latest remarkable EP on Tempa with Yesterdays. It’s a tune that showcases an even deeper, yet subtle side to the Truth sound. An enthralling vocal moves up the spine, drawing for the goosebumps. A deep and warming sub guide the listener into the light, summarising an EP that acts as an escape to a different realm.

Three very different tunes, one Truth. These guys are at the top of their game right now – and it’s a pleasure to watch…

Truth’s How Strange EP is out 14/07/14. Pre-order it from iTunesBoomkat, Juno and Redeye.


Peace, love and respect.