Truth – War of the Minds - FKOF Review

Truth – War of the Minds

FKOF Review

After Kaiju’s unexpected limited white label (catalogued as MEDi093) dropped earlier this month on Mala’s DEEP MEDi, we were surprised to see the arrival of MEDi092 a few weeks later. New material from New Zealand’s dubstep duo Truth is never a bad thing — especially as Tristan and Andre haven’t released on MEDi since 2014’s 30,000 FT. The latest EP, entitled War Of The Minds, features US wordsmith Werd2Jah and, on first listen, seems to be another essential MEDi record…

Truth - War of the Minds

The EP opener Jade Helm continues the approach previous Truth MEDi releases have documented — it’s very much a ‘traditional’ Truth stomper. In a way, Jade Helm evokes the radical percussion in Amnesia, but it’s moulded into an even more powerful synth line.

Booming bass, rear-faced percussion and blinding vocals keep you on your toes into track two.

The Sound Killah is an angry tune; introducing powerful menacing frequencies with every moment that surfaces throughout the 5 minutes of MEDi time. It drenches you in bassweight, a perfect example of the overwhelming atmospheres the terrible twosome are capable of building.

The same counts for With Us — a ferocious track that you need to hear at loud volumes (while doing a skank or two) to fully experience. This one might be the gnarliest inclusion on the release — better buckle up your seatbelt!

Closing and title track War Of The Minds welcomes Lion Charge, Subway and Smog artist Werd2Jah to the extended MEDi family. His vocal approach really fits the dubby affair, sitting nicely alongside the war horn that blows confidently through the boroughs of the bassy stereo image. If you want an example of how to build a second drop, look no further than the monumental creation Truth have built here. It really highlights Truth’s futuristic sound (and not to forget DEEP MEDi’s efforts to keep pushing forward). With such a solid production to close the duo’s fifth MEDi appearance, what can we expect to follow from Tristan and Andre? Whatever it may be, we look forward to learning the truth…

Truth’s latest release is out now
Buy MEDi092 from Juno and DEEP MEDi
Truth recently celebrated 100k FB fans with a free download.

Peace, love and respect.