Ain’t no party like a Brooklyn party - TUBA NYC x FatKidOnFire

Ain’t no party like a Brooklyn party

TUBA NYC x FatKidOnFire

** Update 14/05/14: Due to issues beyond our control, Compa has cancelled all of his upcoming North American appearances. But we are THRILLED to tell you that Elk Beats bossman and Artikal Music UK artist EshOne has been added to our lineup! **


May 24th 2014. Brooklyn, New York City.

It’s the date of our first ever event on American soil. A day that promises to be very, very special at the Paperbox in Brooklyn. I’ll be in New York (for the first time ever) with our friends in TUBA and Dub-Stuy Records – along with Compa, Kaiju, EshOneBakir, Rozi and 187 Sound

TUBA NYC, in association with FatKidOnFire, is proud to present two of the finest deep dubstep music producers: the New York debut of Kaiju and ElkBeats boss man EshOne. As one of America’s premier dubstep labels, TUBA has contributed to a quintessential lineup that exemplifies their position as the foremost bridge between the London sound and deep bass music in America. FKOF brings to bear massive firepower as one of the UK’s leading digital culture publications and record labels, and will be celebrating their latest release, which by no coincidence is a stunning four track EP from TUBA label boss Bakir. Lastly, the event will include exclusive sound reinforcement curated by Dub-Stuy Records, which will feature a new 10,000-watt sound system, showcased for its first time.

“Compa’s rise to prominence has been bold and without reservation. Debuting to the world in 2011 (and at the tender age of just 21), Compa represents the next generation of deep dubstep producers and displays the binary relationship between ‘Foundation Sound’ homage and Forward-Motion. In addition to being signed to Mala’s Deep Medi and BOKA Records, to name a few, Compa has two vinyl releases with TUBA. Compa has received acclaim from likes Gilles Peterson and Nerm, J:Kenzo and B-Traits. In addition to performances throughout the UK and Europe, Compa has also appeared in Russia, Turkey, and the United States.

“Touching down in the States for their first US tour, Kaiju will be making their New York City debut. Having launched their sound in 2012, the production duo has continually released greatly lauded and sold-out releases on labels such as Kryptic Minds’ Osiris Music, Lion Charge and Ruffcut imprints and in 2013 Kaiju were crowned Best New Producers for the Dubstepforum Awards. A central aspect of Kaiju’s allure is the depth of their dubplate collection – the duo seldom shares their unreleased music, which ensures their DJ appearances are exclusive occasions. Kaiju-only sets have created a journey on the dancefloor for crowds across Europe like no one else.

“EshOne (Pronounced Esh-1) plays whatever he wants. Chances are this is why you will like what you hear. He has interesting taste in music, great stage presence and is fun to party with. He knows what he?s doing and he doesn?t bullshit around on the mixer. He?s played with a lot of big names, but that really doesn?t matter. If you?re wondering what to bring to the booth, he drinks hoppy beer, preferably IPA, pale ale, or red ale… If you lack beer confidence, try whiskey…”

Tuba NYC x FatKidOnFire Present...

And if you can’t make it, we hope you can join us online