Underground Sessions - Mass LA Presents

Underground Sessions

Mass LA Presents

It seems to be a fairly common running theme, hearing that promoters, artists or venues are struggling to hook events up these days. It’s something I’ve struggled with at FKOF (although next month seems to suggest that may be changing) and it’s something nearly everyone I’ve talked to – in every walk of life – has faced.

That’s one of the many reasons I joined forces with Ben to build Chew – a live streaming platform for the music industry. It’s a work in progress, but one we’ve looking to develop with as many partners as possible (so if you’re interested in helping us build, please get in touch).

Lonnie from MASS LA hit me up at the end of October with the news that the team were hosting one of their infamous Underground Sessions – mad house parties with full soundsystems, a select few invitees and killer line ups. We got talking and decided on making an event of it. This month’s Underground Sessions is the first of its kind for LA’s dubstep scene and a concept we hope to repeat (fairly extensively) next year…

Mass LA's Underground Sessions

There are times when the stars align and everything falls into place with little (or no) planning. While the MASS team, Ben and I have been sorting this behind the scenes for a few weeks now, today we reached an amazing 17,000 followers on the FKOF SoundCloud.

So it seems fitting that we’re joining forces with Lonnie, the MASS crew and our good friends Seven, Mesck, Subtle Mind, Wulf and the MASS residents to celebrate tonight… And this isn’t just any party – this is a world first! Things kick off 9pm PST or 5am GMT. Please join us!

“MASS is giving the world a look into our famous UNDERGROUND SESSIONS. These are under-the-radar dubstep parties in LA that the MASS crew has been throwing for some time now (even before we were MASS).

“The private event will be streamed LIVE in high definition on FKOF – the world’s source for deep and dark music. We hit you with SIX hours of content, straight from Los Angeles.”

Seven | Mesck | Subtle Mind | Wulf | Nonfuture | Endigo | ADP | Homage | Spaceo | Hosted by MC Myndz III