Underslung Audio x FatKidOnFire - [Competition]

Underslung Audio x FatKidOnFire


If you missed their recent Label Highlight here on FatKidOnFire, you’ll have no doubt missed we’re pretty big fans of new label Underslung Audio. You can find out why if you do get a chance to read their feature – but don’t do that until you’ve read the below…

Underslung Audio x FatKidOnFire - Tylam remix competition

Underslung Audio - USL004

They may be only two releases old (with the third, from our Dutch brothers The Illuminated only recently announced), but USL are quick 0n their way to becoming one of my favourite labels. They’re not afraid to push the boundaries of what’s laid down in their motto – ‘Refining Bass Music‘ – and I’ve enjoyed pretty much everything they’ve signed (both released and forthcoming). So when the gang hit me up to say they’d discovered a new artist and were so impressed they’d signed 5 of his tracks, I knew it was probably time to sit up and take note.

Tylam is that artist. With only 21 followers on SoundCloud and a Facebook page that’s only been live 10 days, I don’t know much about Tylam, but when I heard his ‘Escapist EP’ I was reminded of Nanobyte – perhaps not quite as refined as the Cardiff-based duo, but the same skill crafting a goosebump-inspiring electronic ambiance. No mean feat.

USL’s Bart and Eva then hit me up suggesting we celebrate this newly discovered talent with something we’ve not done many times before here on FKOF…

“FatKidOnFire and Underslung Audio have teamed up to give two lucky winners an opportunity to be part of the revelation around Tylam. If you haven’t heard of Tylam yet, make sure you pay attention. Tylam is a brand new artist, one who’s music will take you on a mind-expanding journey. Lush ambient beats to dream to. His debut EP; ‘Escapist’, consists of 5 ambient bass-led tracks and will be released on Underslung Audio come November 4th

“The EP has blown us away, so much so that we’ve decided to host a remix competition. We’ve chosen ‘Blizzard’, one of our favorites from the release, as the track for the remix competition.”

>>> DOWNLOAD THE REMIX STEMS HERE: https://is.gd/tylamremix <<<

The Rules

The competition starts September 23rd and ends at midnight on October 20th. Submissions after this date will not be judged, so if you want to enter – do so before 20/10/13!

The winning remixes (yes, there will be two) will be featured on a free release that will drop a week after Tylam’s EP. This free release will be available from Underslung Audio and FatKidOnFire alongside the original track. The winners will also get an Underslung Audio t-shirt, a FKOF t-shirt (colour/ design TBC) and a bunch of USL/ FKOF stickers. And, obviously, the winning remixers will be promoted across the USL and FKOF channels!

Some More Rules

  • No specific genre or style, be creative!
  • The finished track needs to be uploaded to your SoundCloud publicly (make sure it’s not downloadable)
  • To submit, email your remix’s SoundCloud link to [email protected]
  • Two winners will be chosen by USL and FKOF, and announced on Monday October 28th.

If you have any queries not answered by the above, drop me an email on [email protected] or hit up the USL gang on the [email protected] address shown above. Good luck!

And if you’ve not yet heard Tylam’s debut EP, check it below in all its glory…

Tylam Facebook
Tylam SoundCloud


Peace, love and respect.