Live From The Future (Extended Edition) - FKOF Review

Live From The Future (Extended Edition)

FKOF Review

Uprise Audio

Given the response the imprint has had since its launch, you’d be hard pressed to find a dubstep label taking off quite like Uprise Audio. Just seven releases into its catalogue, Uprise has scaled quicker than most labels do in their entire lifetimes – something that, if the upcoming release is anything to go by, isn’t going to change any time soon…

For Live From The Future (Extended Edition), Seven and the other artists on the label’s debut album return for UALP002 – the new and improved long player. As Seven put it to us, UALP002 features “four new tracks and a load of VIPs to replace the originals”. We’ve got the exclusive on the four tracks; featuring new UA additions LSN and Indiji alongside new material from Seven and Chewie.

UALP002 will be a digital-only release, dropping in about a month – 6 months after UALP001 did. If you’re on the hunt for new UA vinyl, fear not as we have it on good authority that Asylum’s UA006 is out soon after the new album…

LSN – Diyumi

Seven & VisionZ ft. Jodie – Karma

Chewie – Isolation

Indiji – Machine Dread

Seven ft. Joe Raygun – Live From The Future VIP

Various Artists – Live From The Future (Extended Edition)
Track list:

  1. Seven ft. Joe Raygun – Live From The Future (VIP mix)
  2. Wayfarer – Reflections
  3. Stealth & Altair – Lost Highway (VIP mix)
  4. Seven & Youngsta – Masia Mara VIP
  5. Asylum – Zero Gravity (VIP mix)
  6. Chewie – Silver and Gold
  7. Taiko – Spray Can (VIP mix)
  8. Klax – Link to the Past (VIP mix)
  9. Dubtek – Kuiper Belt
  10. Seven & Dubtek – Stratosfear
  11. Seven – Walter White (VIP mix)
  12. Nanobyte ft. Mary Lambert – Part of Life

Bonus tracks:

  1. Seven & Vizionz ft. Jodie – Karma
  2. Chewie – Isolation
  3. Indiji – Machine Dread
  4. LSN – Diyumi

Asylum – UA006

A: Always Love

AA: Bad Habit

Uprise Audio

Peace, love and respect.