Uprise Audio x FatKidOnFire - [Release Highlight]

Uprise Audio x FatKidOnFire

[Release Highlight]

Our Release Highlight of SYSTEM Music’s SYSTM002 here on FatKidonFire seemed to go down pretty well with you guys – so we might be putting together more of the same with releases we think are worthy of your attention.

This week’s been a heavy one for big releases (just check the FKOF Promo uploads from today!) but, like Karma’s SYSTEM release, we think the following is definitely worth shouting about…

UALPS1 - FKOF Release Highlight

“Uprise Audio is an award-winning vinyl and digital record label showcasing cutting edge music of the highest standard.”

We’ve featured Uprise Audio co-founder Seven a fair times over the years – and our love for Wayfarer is not exactly a secret on these here pages. The two have combined forces, along with help from UA MC Joe Raygun, on UALPS1; a sampler for the label’s upcoming debut long player which is due out on October 7th in various formats.
As to be expected given the artistic heritage involved, this is a release that’s been supported by the who’s who of dubstep DJs in the dance and on air.

Seven and Joe Raygun’s ‘Live From The Future’ is a highly energetic, synth-led stomper with a powerful bassline to keep the system heads happy. Of the two, it’s the outstanding flip – Wayfarer’s ‘Reflections’ – that’s a highlight for me. The young Nottingham-born producer has created a tribal stepper matched with a gorgeous vocal hook that’s almost as powerful as his debut chart topper ‘Fall Of The Zulu‘ – a production that’s as comfortable on the home stereo as it is on V.I.V.E.K’s sound system…

Seven ft. Joe Raygun – Live From The Future

The synths that develop throughout the intro of ‘Live From The Future’ add an old school yet futuristic flavour to the drop that announces Seven and Joe Raygun’s production. Seven hits hard with a subtle, double hitting clave, which divides the percussion into specific sectors perfectly. The low end adds a lot of heat to the mix, warming the heart for this futuristic composition. Seven’s remarkable use of panning also adds a perfect breadth to the track’s stereo image.

A resonating pad takes the lead from above, transforming throughout ‘Live From The Future’s various layers while emitting a tremendous amount of energy. The growls brighten up the collaborative production; perfectly balanced by the steady chords that create a solid foundation for the fresh percussion implemented. The way the basslines flow up and down the mix really signals this is a next-level composition – as if Seven and Joe Raygun have transported the listener through time to the future of the dubstep sound.

Wayfarer – Reflections

With ‘Reflections’, Wayfarer hits the emotional angle beautifully. The vocal’s implementation is truly mesmerising, creating a strong connection with the listener. The producer highlights the vocalist’s stunning voice with an ever-evolving pad that elevates the impact of the drop, which combines melody with an overwhelming power.

Wayfarer’s tribalistic percussion is rock-solid and untouchable, while his signature growls are simply the icing on of the cake. The way the melody flows above the mix makes this track even bigger. The vocal slowly disappears as ‘Reflections’ comes to a close – as if the listener has experienced an audio mirage. One thing is for certain: this is an anthem that has reached already reached timeless status.

The label released 100 12″ presses of UALPS1 earlier today – all 100 were snapped up within 10 minutes. That should give you enough of an idea of how popular this release is going to. If that doesn’t do it, the fact it’s sitting in the Top 5 on Beatport within 24 hours of release probably will. If you missed out on the Chemical pre-buy, you can enter to win a TP of the release on Uprise Audio’s Facebook page here. Don’t forget the album itself – due out in collaboration with WeSC on 7/10/13.

It’s releases like this that justify Uprise Audio being crowned ‘Best New Label‘ in the 2013 Dubstepforum Awards. Onwards and upwards – here’s to a very promising future.

Buy UALPS1 on Beatport here.

Uprise Audio

Peace, love and respect.