Uprise Audio x FatKidOnFire - [Label Highlight]

Uprise Audio x FatKidOnFire

[Label Highlight]

It’s hard to believe I first met Eddy Seven almost three years ago and interviewed him over two years back. Since then, he’s released an album, played more gigs than I can count to and founded a new digital and physical record label; Uprise Audio.

Benjy sat down with Eddy a few weeks back, around the launch of Dubtek’s UA001 to discuss the label, future plans and much more…

What made you decide that you wanted to run a label?

It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time – but I needed to time it right.

I had been helping a handful of artists to develop their sound and give them advice on tracks with ways to improve them. I initially did this to hand them over to other labels I am associated with, but those labels had solid release schedules and were so busy they didn’t have space for them. The thing that started to strike me was that they were all sounding like their own (evolved) forms of the sound I represent. So I used my initiative and decided to start my own imprint and brand to push them through. 

I can’t take all the credit for ‘Uprise’ of the label though. I have a partner, Verity J who has been amazing and contributes a massive amount of time and effort into the running of the company.

You have always had a trademark sound that’s specific to Seven. How did this influence  you when starting a label?

Well, like I was just saying, the guys were all aspiring to get my attention and to get tracks played in my sets. So I helped them to shape their sounds into what I wanted to hear from them and in turn how they aspired to represent themselves. It was only natural that they would take on that Seven-esque approach to their music. When you listen to our work, we have a sound, it’s a solid unit too. We all work hard and keep each other on our toes. Now we are all representing that sound and building on the foundations I have laid before now.

It is now the Uprise Audio sound. 

Can you tell me about your first release; when it came out and a little info about the tracks and the artists? Also, what’s up next?

UA001 came out on the 15th of November on vinyl with digital following soon after. 

It’s a double A side release by a new artist called Dubtek. He’s making serious waves right now with full support by J:Kenzo, Youngsta, N-Type, Truth and True Tiger etc…. I’m really pleased to have signed him as an exclusive asset to Uprise Audio.

The tracks are titled ‘Extension’ and ‘Plus Ultra’. Both are production masterclasses that express intelligent groove structures and bassweight to accompany it. People are really excited about the release and have show great enthusiasm for the label.

To follow the first release we have a double AA side release by Asylum called ‘Blindfold’ (A.) and ‘Salvage’ (AA.). We have received incredible support on this one. Almost every top DJ in the scene has been playing it for months and tipping it to be a big release. It’s a weighty killer and its signature sounds and incredible bassweight have been very well received on the dancefloor. 

Asylum is set to blow up next year, he has some huge tunes on dubplate killing it right now. UA002 is due for release on the 10th of December 2012.  

For the label do you plan on keeping it vinyl and digital? Would you consider a vinyl only release in the future; as I know that turntables and vinyl are very much part of the Seven DNA?

Vinyl is very much in my DNA, what with having 98% of my 50 releases on pressed on wax. 

UA001 was both a vinyl and digital release. But who knows maybe we will do a limited edition picture disk for number 10 to mark the anniversary of the release and make it a collector’s item. I do plan on putting out bonus digital releases to accompany  some of the vinyl releases too though. I respect not everyone has turntables, but nearly everyone has an iPod or a computer. 

Are you going to showcasing artists already established in the scene or just tracks from up and comers?

I have signed tracks by established artists too. First to appear will be Vicious Circle (under his new alias Asylum). 

Anyone who has been following dubstep will have heard tracks by this guy being played by all of dubstep’s most heavyweight DJs. I am so excited about this release. I think people are going to love it!

As for the other established artists… Well, that’s a secret for now anyway.

If you could pick any artist to release on Uprise Audio, who would it be?

Youngsta… I playing 3 of his tunes right now and they are so sick. I’d love to sign them, but unfortunately (for me) they are appearing on Tempa. 

Finally, any shoutouts you would like to give? Thanks for the interview!

My partner Verity J, Youngsta, Dubtek, Nanobyte, Chewie, Asylum, Joe Raygun, Toast MC, Alys Be, Truth and Yayne,  Beau at Masterpiece, David at disk solutions, Paul at SRD, J:Kenzo, Stanza, Vivek, LX One, Icicle and East Village. 

Benjy and I are still trying to tease the mythical Seven FKOF mix out of Eddy, so there’s no audio accompaniment to his latest interview here on FatKidOnFire. We’ll hopefully get it one day!

Until then, check Uprise Audio on the following links (I’ve embedded my favourite of the releases and an absolute stomper forthcoming below) and be sure to look out for UA’s new releases when they drop. I’ve heard a few awesome producers have had tracks picked up…


Peace, love and respect.