Various Artists – Los Angeles EP - FKOF Review

Various Artists – Los Angeles EP

FKOF Review

VA - Los Angeles EP (GB007)

Joe Nice, the American dubstep ambassador, has done it again.

We’ve known him as a talented, charismatic and enthusiastic DJ, curator and performer — respected for his incredible live performances where he blesses the dance with red-hot dubplate after dubplate. Every second Tuesday of the month, the dubstep faithful tune into the famous GourmetBeats radio show, broadcast on the award-winning SubFM. Certified dubplates galore, often accompanied by MC Twisty on hosting the duties, the shows are unmissable. The combination of unreleased material mixed with certified classics, the Twisty vocals and Joe’s enthusiastic commentary makes for a real treat — we know it’s education time when the show starts!

But, as we’ve come to learn, Joe’s skills aren’t limited to DJing, hosting and performing. He is and, to some extent, always has been a man who loves discovering, nurturing and championing new talent.

Indeed, it’s no doubt the highlight of any burgeoning dubstep producer’s career to have airplay on a GourmetBeats show, a privilege that drives attention towards any featured upcoming producer. In 2015, Joe took his curation expertise (honed from the years playing out and playing on the radio) and founded the Gourmet Beats imprint — a vehicle to push tunes from the likes of Sepia, Moonstones, Fill Spectre & DJG (to name a few).

The latest release from Gourmet Beats highlights the talent coming out of Los Angeles (including material from a few of the FKOF family). Given GB007 has just landed in your favourite record shops, we thought we’d take a listen…

The foundation for this release started, in Joe’s words “when I played a Mesck tune, an Oxossi tune and a Subtle Mind tune consecutively at a BSide Los Angeles event about a year ago. (There is a picture of the dubs on a table somewhere…) A couple tunes later, I mixed in an Introspekt tune. The rest is history and that history is now. Wonderful to see moments of inspiration and ideas turn into reality. Gentlemen, thank you. We did it.”

The Los Angeles EP consists of 4 amazing high quality tracks from the aforementioned producers. And, as we’ve come to expect, the release is presented on a lovely 12″ with the trademark Gourmet Beats graphic design too.

Mesck has built a following with his material on Distance’s Chestplate (as the first American to do so, no less), and launches the Los Angeles EP with the first tune on the A side of the record. Howling and haunting atmospheres introduce Bad Future before guiding the listener to the drop, which is absolutely heavy weight. A massive bassline is the foundation for the track, one that’s accompanied by an energetic and rhythmic drum section. I love how the snare has been created in a seemingly careless manner; evoking visions of a real drummer playing the drum track. The tune progresses with the addition of more percussive elements, accompanied by addictive howling-esque sampling.

The second tune on the A Side is reserved for Subtle Mind, an east Bay Area production duo. The scene for Lankershim Stroll is set a jazzy saxophone, only for the track to develop into a beautiful and warm chilled-out vibe. This is a perfect tune for a lazy summer’s day or a Sunday morning with your partner. Pure vibes and no hype. Just how we like it — the mood and its lovely bass section will convince you to hammer that repeat listen.

On the flipside, Introspekt brings another massive tune; Secrets. Introspekt is a resident at B-side LA and has recently released his debut album via Croydon’s Dubtribu Records — shoutout to you, Olivia! Secrets is another impressive release from the producer, one that seems to suggest an impressive career in our beloved dubstep scene is soon to become a reality. Big up to Joe Nice for pushing talented musicians like this and giving them a well-deserved podium! Play Secrets with the lights out and your eyes closed; you’ll be drawn to places you’ve never been before…

The last tune on the Los Angeles EP is from Oxóssi, a producer who’s already got an impressive release catalogue to his name with appearances on Crucial, Banana Stand and Silent Motion Records (amongst others). Malevolent is a steppy wobbler with a fine melody that has the potency to stick in your head. It’s a skanker, through and through! I love the drum section, with its massive snare (really nicely laid down), as well as the bass that nicely follows the wobble melody.

The concept for this EP was to bring together some of the talent emerging from the LA bass music scene and, oh boy, did Joe Nice succeed there. With all this quality music present, we have to conclude the LA scene is on fire right now! Combined with ever-impeccable Ten Eight Seven mastering, this one’s a required purchase.

With each release, Gourmet Beats donates money to a charity or organisation of the artists’ choice. Introspekt, Mesckdub, Oxóssi, and Subtle Mind’s chosen charity is The Children’s Music Fund. This 501©3 nonprofit brings musical instruments and provides musical therapy to children and young adults suffering from chronic and life-changing illnesses in the United States. Learn more about The Children’s Music Fund at

Grab your copy of GB007 from Unearthed, Redeye, White Peach and the rest. Both digital and vinyl are available, but act quickly on the vinyl — this one is expected to sell out soon!

GB007 is out now
Words by Joost Berndsen

Peace, love and respect.