VICE & ASOS meet Palace Skateboards

VICE & ASOS meet Palace Skateboards

We spotted this video over on VICE the other day. It seems to be a running theme that young UK entrepreneurs are starting to getting the recognition they deserve, what with Google featuring SB TV’s Jamal in a recent Chrome TV advert and all! Definitely a good look.

VICE and ASOS have teamed up to travel the world and meet some “interesting young people”. Their first stop was London, where they caught up with Palace Skateboards‘ founder Lev Tanju. Full PR and vid below. Let us know what you think!

VICE and ASOS went looking for the most interesting young people in London, New York, Berlin and Paris. Unsurprisingly, we found that they all spend little time worrying about what their contemporaries are doing, and instead focus on making their own way in the world with a zeal that would make an oil rig worker blush.

In our first film, we meet London-based skateboard entrepreneur Lev Tanju. In just two and a half years, Palace Skateboards have become London’s most prominent skateboard company. In this interview with the driving force behind Palace, Lev discusses his love for shooting skateboard videos on VHS, and the unique visual identity and sense of play that have made Palace important in a skate world bogged down by corporate bores.

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