VICE & Vans go to Gothenburg with The Bronx

VICE & Vans go to Gothenburg with The Bronx

Caught this awesome video on VICE the other day. Prior to falling down the dubstep rabbit hole (and to an extent it still applies), I spent my time listening to hardcore. One of my favourite bands a few years back were LA’s The Bronx – but I’ve never managed to catch them live.

VICE and Vans recently had the genius idea of following a few hardcore bands on tour, filming it all and shoving the footage online. It so happens The Bronx featured on the second episode of ‘No Sleep Till‘, where they were visiting one of my favourite cities (out to Gothenburg)! Madness ensues as The Bronx come face to face with some of the best crowds around. Episode and PR below – let me know if you’re feeling it!

VICE and Vans announce ‘No Sleep Till’ – a new music series brought to you by, capturing a fly-on-the-wall-in-the-eye-of-the-storm view of life on tour through the eyes of four of the most explosive bands on the circuit.

Join us, as we jump in the van for a 24-hour taster of life on the road with The Bronx, Cerebral Ballzy, Trash Talk and SSS. Through uncensored footage of all the carnage, chaos and unwashed mayhem that comes hand in hand with partying in a different city each night of the week, learn firsthand what really happens on the frontline.

In this episode, we catch a ride on the tour bus with, The Bronx and their alter egos, Mariachi El Bronx, bringing a unique combination of Mexican folk music and blistering punk to an unsuspecting Gothenburg crowd. We meet the band in Hamburg and drive up to Sweden, straight into an early winter hurricane. A dip in the North Sea naturally ensues, followed by much beer drinking, story telling and of course an incendiary show.

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