Seven & VisionZ ft. Jodie – Karma - FKOF Premier

Seven & VisionZ ft. Jodie – Karma

FKOF Premier

Arriving on Uprise Audio‘s Live From The Future (Extended Edition) at the beginning of this year, bonus track Karma debuted the vocal talents of Jodie Elms and a collaborative effort between Seven and VisionZ.

Having scrolled through the VisionZ SoundCloud account, it seems Karma may be the first release between the three musicians, but it definitely isn’t the only collabs between the three of them. VisionZ and Jodie have a number of tunes together, as do VisionZ and Seven and Seven and Jodie (insider tip – she’s also on a few tunes on Seven’s new album).

But to our knowledge, the below is the first time Jodie’s appeared on video for any of these tunes. So we’re pretty stoked to have the premier of the Karma official video for you guys. Shot in Bristol and directed by the talented Aodh Breathnach, the video documents Jodie’s journey from dark to light…

Aodh Breathnach:

“The music video for Karma depicts vocalist Jodie Elms’ journey through a dark, urban environment of silhouetted hooded figures and landscapes. The video addresses the concept of karma and the idea that after committing a wrong, one must go through some sort of darkness or conflict in order to reach light and resolution. These visuals compliment Jodie’s refrain of ‘through the darkness’ that feature throughout the track. The video concludes as Jodie journeys from the dark, urban environment to a blissful, natural setting of corn fields at sunrise. The dark costume and make-up design transform into angelic shades of white and silver, symbolising that she is free of bad karma.”


“We made a video for Karma because it represents the deep, hypnotic VisionZ vibe and wanted to get some cool visual images to reflect the track’s meaning. This is the first in a series of videos of tracks from the debut album, which is due for release next year.”

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Live From The Future (Extended Edition) is available to purchase here.

Peace, love and respect.