Wayfarer – Afterlight EP - FKOF Review

Wayfarer – Afterlight EP

FKOF Review

After producing one of the year’s anthems with ‘Reflections’, one of our favourite producers has returned to the label who gave it a home to release his debut EP…

Wayfarer - Afterlight EP (UA005)

It’s hard to believe Uprise Audio are only six releases into their catalogue; given their popularity and near-enviable rise to the top of pretty much every electronic retailer’s sales chart.

After the success of ‘Live From The Future’, their debut compilation album, the Uprise Audio team are releasing the first EP from one of the most exciting producers in 140 bass music, Wayfarer.

As to be expected, the ‘Afterlight’ EP (UA005) is another must-purchase release from the imprint.

‘Afterlight’ leads the listener on a percussion-led adventure, full of haunting samples, lumbering subs and stuttering drum work. Seven opened a recent appearance on Rinse FM with ‘Afterlight’ (seamlessly blending it with the ‘Reflections’ acapella) and immediately got the 140 faithful buzzing.

‘Azuma’ follows with its own personality, bringing an oriental vibe to the EP. The track opens with a foreboding intro before the arrival of a relentless kick announces a full-blown tribal stomper. ‘Azuma’ evokes a ‘Fall of the Zulu’-level of energy; this one is guaranteed to destroy the dance.

‘Zeg’ really switches the EP up, starting with an almost laid back intro, full of sublime drum hits and atmospheric keys. Before long, the track explodes into Wayfarer’s signature sound; bass, drums, space and climatic soundscapes.

‘Nomad’ stays true to its name, never putting down roots and constantly surprising with its powerful subs, pounding drums and scattered sample use. Like the other titles in his back catalogue, Wayfarer stays true to his formula to deliver another memorable production.

With support from the likes of Youngsta, V.I.V.E.K, J:Kenzo and N-Type, Wayfarer’s ‘Afterlight’ EP  is guaranteed to continue both the label and the young producer’s run of form. These are four must-own productions that stand up individually but form an extremely powerful EP.

Wayfarer’s ‘Afterlight’ EP (UA005) drops digitally 16/12/13.
There will be a UA005 vinyl release in 2014.

Peace, love and respect.