This is FKOF2.0

This is FKOF2.0


It’s been months (or years – depending how you look at it) coming but today, on FatKidOnFire’s third birthday, we’re proud to present the next version of the site.

You’ll probably notice there’s a bit of colour splashed about. As the site’s grown, so has the need for a cohesive brand. The Lundgren + Lindqvist team sat down and, after a bit of thought, presented the design and brand you see here. No clue as to what the inspiration was…


FKOF2.0 Inspiration - Nike AM90 Infrared

The site has been built to be fully-responsive – “one site for every screen”. FKOF2.0 works across every major device available today: smartphones, mini tablets, tablets, desktop computers (large and small) – and even devices like connected TVs.

If you want a live demo of what this means, stop reading for a second and resize your browser window. The content will reorganise itself depending on the width of your browser. And, if you’re visiting FKOF2.0 on a device with a high resolution display, you’ll be pleased to hear the site is ‘retina-ready’. High resolution images and videos, along with super-crisp text that make for a brilliant viewing experience!

We’ve also updated the reading and viewing experience within posts themselves. Check out the FatKidOnFire Presents feature with Olie Bassweight or the FKOF streetwear interview with Dee Rosa to see what I mean.

This is FKOF for the foreseeable future. It’s a place we can call home that, without one or two minor tweaks as we launch, will stand the test of time as FKOF grows and the web, and its devices, continues to evolve.

If you come across any bugs – or FKOF2.0 breaks on you – please let us know. Email the new [email protected] email address or contact us on Twitter and Facebook. The L+L team (without whom this would’ve not been possible!) and I will be fixing any you do report, so thank you in advance!

Happy browsing.